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Day: September 6, 2022

The top five T20I players according to Ponting

ICC Hall of Famer Ricky Ponting has chosen the five players he would select first if given the task of choosing a World T20I team.

Boasting a legendary record in white-ball cricket of his own, Ponting was also skipper of Australia for the first-ever men’s T20I, making 98* (55) in a match-winning performance.

Now spending a lot of his time in coaching dugouts and commentary boxes, Ponting watches as much T20 cricket as anyone and uses both roles to keep close tabs on the world’s best.

Speaking on the latest episode of The ICC Review, Ponting was asked to select the first five players he would choose for a World T20I team – and perhaps to the shock of some there is no Australian players in his quintet.

Rashid Khan (Afghanistan) – ICC T20I Bowling Ranking: 3

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan

“Five players is relatively easy, but trying to put them in order from one to five makes it a little bit more difficult,” Ponting begins.

“I’ve actually gone with Rashid Khan at number one, and the reason I thought about that was if we actually had a player event in an IPL auction now and there was no salary cap, he’s probably the one that’s going to go for the most amount of money.” “I’ve got him at number one for his consistency, his wicket-taking ability over a long period of time, but also the fact that his economy rate in the T20 game is just outstanding.

“When you’re playing against any team that he’s playing in you probably have less sleep that night than you do for any other game that you play during the year.”

Babar Azam (Pakistan) – ICC T20I Batting Ranking: 1

BaBar Azam
BaBar Azam

“Babar Azam I’ll go for at number two, simply because the number one ranked batter in the T20 game for quite a while now and deservedly so.”

“His record speaks for itself. He’s pretty much led the way for that Pakistan team for the last couple of years”

Hardik Pandya (India) – ICC T20I All-Rounder Ranking: 5

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya

“On current form, it’s pretty hard to go past Hardik Pandya at number three”

“His IPL was outstanding. To see him back at the bowling crease is something that I was always a little bit unsure would actually ever happen … he’s had some really big injury setbacks, which has obviously affected how much he’s been able to play for India.

“But he’s back bowling, and at 140kph which he was doing four or five years ago. But his batting and his maturity while batting has come on in leaps and bounds.

“He understands the game better and he understands his game better than ever before and right now he’s probably the best allrounder in the world in T20 cricket, and could potentially be in ODI cricket.”

Jos Buttler – ICC T20I Batting Ranking: 16

Jos Buttler
Jos Buttler

“I had to pick Jos Buttler in there actually.”

“When you’re coaching against him, you just know that he’s got something that a lot of other players don’t have; the ability to take the game away in a short period of time opening the batting – which he will do for England this tournament.

“He was one of the people who’s an out-and-out match winner as we saw with last year’s IPL, making three or four hundreds, which was quite remarkable.

“His batting went to another level in the last year or so.”

Jasprit Bumrah – ICC T20I Bowling Ranking: 37

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah

“Jasprit Bumrah in at number five.”

“He is probably the most complete bowler across Test cricket, One Day cricket and T20 cricket in the world right now. Very good with the new ball when anyone decides to use him that way.

“India might think of giving him an over with the new ball in Australia (at the T20 World Cup) where it might swing but what you can guarantee is a couple of great high quality death overs, which every team is looking for – someone that can execute slow balls and bouncers.”

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England Football World Cup

England Football World Cup: Eng followers can you drink in Qatar?

England Football World Cup: However, the greatest sight on earth will be a little different in 2022. It will be very dissimilar. Most importantly, it will take home in November and December in the middle of the national season. But it will also be very different for fans attending. And an account from The Sun has exposed what English fans can expect if they’re planning on the title to Qatar later this year.

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Eng followers can you drink in Qatar?
Eng followers can you drink in Qatar?

Firstly, groups will have to pay more than an eye-watering £9,000 per night for a hotel. To even get to Qatar in the first home will break the bank. Direct return flights price around £1,063. Once you’re there, match tickets will set you spinal about £724.

No admission for ticketless fans

But if you don’t have tickets, you won’t be allowed in the country at all. Qatar Football World Cup has a population of fewer than three million. And bureaucrats have said fans must have tickets and official FIFA IDs to prevent congestion. Behold Trenkel, a chief working officer of Qatar Tourism, told The Sun. A decision has been taken that only fans with match tickets will be permissible visas. They will need authorized fan IDs to get into Qatar. Those who do not have them will not be allowed to travel. The rules are severe and are there for a reason.

Can you drink in Qatar Football World Cup?

If that wasn’t bad enough, Qatar sells the most luxurious beer in the world a pint of Heineken price £11.50 and a glass of wine is around £11. Beer will only be available in singular zones around stadiums and some venues in the capital of Doha. Buying alcohol at corner shops, supermarkets, and most restaurants is unbearable. Only if you stay in a guesthouse, can you buy it. but the customers are very high.

Qatar tourism chief Berthold Trenkel maintained only zero alcohol beer will be served inside stadiums. It will be different and confidential from the actual stadiums. There will only be zero alcohol beer confidential, he said. And if you’re wedged drinking in the streets, you face six months in jail. To Know more about England Vs USA Tickets click here.

Can you drink in Qatar Football World Cup
Can you drink in Qatar Football World Cup?

Angela and Chris Norton emigrated to Qatar World Cup in 2015. And they gave some vision into the strict laws in place. There are lots of rules they won’t be conscious of like the need for women to cover up in malls, Angela said. If you wear drawers or a little dress you will get told off. And the other women will spit at you. The cost of alcohol is so high that most ex-pats only beverage at the content hour. Between 5 pm and 8 pm where a pint of beer is still nearly £8.

Drinking in the community is banned and if you try, the police will turn up and take you to jail. There are CCTV cameras everywhere. Despite all that, you just know thousands of England fans will make their way to Qatar to happiness on the Three Lions.

Football World Cup new imageries of England’s home and away shirts leak

England is one of the pets to go all the way at this winter’s World Cup. After a miserable set of results in the UEFA Nations League over the summer, prospects around Gareth Southgate’s side might have been tempered. But there’s still quiet hopefulness bubbling away amongst the Three Lions fans. England’s performances in contests have improved vastly under Southgate’s stewardship with a semi-final finish at the 2018 World Cup followed up by attainment the Euro 2020 final.

England Football World Cup at Qatar 2022

The Three Lions might not have been able to safeguard that football came home. But there is still more than enough aptitude in the squad to make a real impact in Qatar. Nevertheless, in a tournament of no guarantees. Where the last three repetitions have seen the holders drop out in the group phases, you never quite know what you’re going to get from England.

Well, expect from their kits, that is. While we can’t assure that Harry Kane will deliver the goals and Jordan Pickford will channel more heroics, we can feel attracted. And certain about the clobber that England will be generous over the winter.

 England Football World Cup kits
England Football World Cup kits

 Football World Cup kits

Over the last few days, many of the most expected jerseys for the 2022 World Cup. Were released with both Adidas and Puma plummeting ambitious sets of designs. And although England fans are still waiting with bated breath for the chance to get their hands on the new Three Lions tops. They can still get ahead of the game pretty sure right now.

Why? Well, because we have a new set of photos showing supporters exactly what to imagine. When it comes to England’s new home and away strips for the Qatar Football World Cup 2022. The kit experts over at Footy Headlines seeped the first snaps of both England projects over the summer, but now the first photos of the shirts are out in the wild. If you will, have been dispersed.

New photos arise of England kits

Footy Headlines have verified images shared by Twitter user @icwhs that gives the clearest indication yet of what these new England shirts will look like in your hands or clothing. And let’s just say that everyone’s fears have been long-established because although the new away strip looks like an all-time great. The home design surely leaves a lot to be desired.

While the throwback to the 1990s collar on the newest red shirt went down an absolute treat on social media. Many groups opined that the blue-heavy home top ranked amongst the very worst England shirts they’d ever seen. But we’ll allow you to make your minds up by examination out the latest photos of what England is composed to wear on the world stage.

Our fears long-established

Yours truly isn’t a massive fan of more blue-focused England shirts at the finest of times, but Nike has laid it on thick with an ombré shoulder design that overeggs the pudding. And many other spectators pierced out at the time of the first leaks. That the jersey might well have looked better had there not been such an abrupt border. Between the white torso and blue accompaniments. To Know more about England Vs Iran Tickets click here.

New photos arise of England kits
New photos arise of England kits

The away shirt, by difference, leans a little more subtly into the greater role of blue with a unique twist on the Three Lions badge which safeguards it isn’t a straight rip-off of the 1990-1993 strip. However, regardless of whether you’re a lover or a hater of either jersey. These latest snapshots seem to be the final piece of indication needed to feel certain about what England will wear in the Qatar Football World cup. And at the end of the day, even that most discordant of blue home shirts could well become iconic in a world. Where Southgate is the one, he still goes us on and football comes home again.

England Football World Cup group might be the hardest as interesting cunnings emerge

England fans are sensation pretty smug about their draw for the 2022 World Cup. While there is so no such thing as an easy group in football’s biggest competition, the consensus is that the Three Lions should be attractively and satisfied with what came out of the hat on Friday night. Gareth Southgate’s men were one of the top seeds for the draw at the Doha Exhibition and Agreement Center, duly ending up as the principal nation within Group B.

England study their World Cup group

In a rerun of the notorious clash at the 2010 finals in South Africa. The United States of America was the first team to be drawn alongside England as arguably the feeblest nation from Pot 2. Next up was Iran, which was once again perceived to be a favorable match-up,

 before England’s final dance spouse turned out to be the victor of the final European qualifying matches. Southgate and co will have to wait until the straw hat to find out whether. They’ll be locking horns with Wales, Scotland, or Ukraine with the option of an all-British derby looming large.

Wait, is England’s group the firmest?

So, all in all, England is feeling pretty content with a group that looks on paper to give them a much easier run to the round of 16. Then other candidates to go all the way have on their hands. But what if that’s not the case? What if we’ve all been duped into thinking that England has been given a calmer draw. When it’s much, much harder than it looks?

England fans are sensation pretty smug about their draw for the 2022 World Cup.
England fans are sensation pretty smug about their draw for the 2022 World Cup.

Well, believe it or not, there’s some indication to suggest that’s the case because some fascinating research from reporter Nick Harris found that England’s group might genuinely be the hardest of all. As crazy as that might sound. Harris intended that Group B had the highest average position in the FIFA World Cup Rankings, meaning. That the teams in the group were statistically the very sturdiest.

In the case of the contests, the highest-ranked team was taken, giving England’s group a regular of 14.75 with the Three Lions in 5th. The USA on the 15th, Wales on the 18th, and Iran on 21st. The group is even the hardest when you reject England’s ranking from the average with the following score of 18 still ducking below the next firmest group. Which is headed up by Spain.

Take it with a pinch of salt

Now, of course, the monster in the room here is that the Football World Cup Rankings aren’t the be-all and end-all. Nor are they necessarily the best metric for founding the strongest international teams. You only have to look at the fact that Belgium has been secret as the world’s number one for great swathes of the last few years to establish. That they’re not unavoidably all they’re cracked up to be.

 And no, of course, I don’t think England has the firmest group. If they don’t breeze through that then it will be uncooperative. Think it’s a toss-up for Groups D, E, and G for the real most solid. Nevertheless, the fact that England’s group is ranked as the firmest in any metric at all still goes to show that the threesome of the United States, Iran, and Wales/Scotland/Ukraine isn’t quite as easy as it first looked.

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Australia T20 World Cup

Australia hosts ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022

Australia T20 World Cup: On the eve of the ICC Men’s T20 WC 2021 preliminary in Oman and the UAE tomorrow (Sunday 17 October). Cricket fans have double the aim to celebrate, with Australia’s turn to host the pinnacle global event for T20 cricket pending in just 12 months.

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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia will take home from 16 October to 13 November 2022
ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia will take home from 16 October to 13 November 2022
  • ICC Men’s T20 WC 2022 in Australia will take home from 16 October to 13 November 2022
  • The requirement for the 2022 event will be shaped by results at the ICC Men’s T20 WC 2021. Which gets underway tomorrow.
  • Fans can list now to get priority access to tickets 

The world’s best players from 16 teams will play 45 matches about the country. What will be the biggest global generous event to be hosted in Australia This year? It will be the first time Australia has held the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Following on from a record-breaking women’s event in 2020. That ended with 86,174. Presents at the last at the MCG on International Women’s Day. 

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Local Organising Committee CEO Michelle Enright supposed:

“Holding what will be the main generous event in Australia this time can lift the nation’s spirits and the ruling of the event could not be better for fans across the whole country to knowledge the joy of live sport again.” 

“We saw both at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2015 and in the Women’s T20 WC in 2020, the switch of major proceedings to unite persons and groups through sport and we can’t wait to bring people of all ages and upbringings together for a festivity of cricket and ethos in exactly one year from now.” 

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The Australia T20 World Cup is the highpoint global event for T20 cricket, the game’s fastest-growing format
The Australia T20 World Cup is the highpoint global event for T20 cricket, the game’s fastest-growing format.

The upcoming 2021 event in Oman and the UAE will play a role in deciding who joins Afghanistan, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and West Indies and hosts Australia T20 World Cup, who have already fit for the 2022 showpiece. 

Australia T20 World Cup

These eight teams gained direct admission to the Super 12 of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 by being confidential among the top eight on the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s T20 International Rankings at the cut-off before the suspended 2020 event. All teams who reach the Super 12 stage of the future T20 World Cup in Oman and the UAE will earn automatic requirements for the event in Australia This year. The present event qualification pathway is as follows: 

  • The 12 teams that play in the Super 12 stage. Of the ICC Men’s T20 WC 2021 will mechanically qualify for Australia 2022.
  • From the 12 automatic finalists. The winner and runner-up of the ICC Men’s T20 WC 2021 plus. The next six highest hierarchical teams (as of November 15, 2021) will go conventional through. To the Super 12 stage of Australia 2022.
  • The residual four teams from the Super 12 stage of the ICC Men’s T20 WC 2021. Will play in the First Round of Australia 2022. 


The Australia T20 World Cup is the highpoint global event for cricket, the game’s fastest-growing format.  Australia was first arranged to host the event in 2020. And re-scheduled for 16 October 13 November 2022. It’s the first time Australia will host the ICC Men’s T20 WC after a record-breaking women’s occasion,

Which was held in February or March 2020. The final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), was won by Australia over India in obverse of 86,174 spectators, a record crowd for women’s sport in Australia and the second-highest crowd ever logged for a women’s sporting event globally.  The ICC Men’s T20 WC 2022 will eye 16 international teams playing 45 matches around Australia.  

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