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Day: September 21, 2022

Rugby World Cup: Jerome Kaino predicts that France will win, but the All Blacks are still in the lead

Jerome Kaino, a former New Zealand star, thinks France will be the team to defeat to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023 the following year. The All Blacks back row played 81 games for them and was a key component of their back-to-back World Cup victories in 2011 and 2015. Kaino, however, spent the second half of his career in France, where he helped Toulouse recover from a losing streak to become national and European champions. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy France Vs Namibia Tickets from our website.

He will retire in 2021, but he has witnessed directly how Fabien Galthie has revitalized the French national squad.

They achieved their first Six Nations Grand Slam earlier this year. Since 2010, and in a November 2021 international encounter, they dominated Ian Foster’s team.

Home advantage

“Les Bleus is my favorite,” Kaino told Midi Olympique. “Because of the rugby matches they play, the confidence they have built from their recent success, and the fact that the game is played domestically. The French supporters have a strong ability to lead their team.”

Kaino has also witnessed young Toulouse players like Antoine Dupont and Romain Ntamack develop into elite athletes.

“Antoine Dupont is unbelievable. I respect his composure under pressure. Romain Ntamack too they are so calm,” he said.

“Whether it’s a round of 14 final or a chance encounter, they all have the same approach. They are very professional. Every week they want to improve.”

When they play in the pool in the World Cup the following year, New Zealand hopes to compete against France.

Despite the All Blacks’ difficult season, Kaino is not concerned about their current struggles.

“The current results are not up to our standards, but I’m not worried about it. I know the talent of the players,” he said.

“I distinguish Ian Foster too. I played under him for a long time and I know he is a very good technical man. Sam Cane is also a very good captain.

Foster’s reservation

Kaino said he was “delighted” to see Foster remain as head coach during the World Cup and believes their efforts could be beneficial in the long term. Rugby World Cup fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

“The players must be disappointed, but I know they will find a solution to come back. It’s been a difficult period for the fans, but I think black people will come out stronger,” he added. “Maybe even before the World Cup.”

Sureness in Rugby World Cup despite Champions League fiasco

Alan Gilpin, the head of World Rugby, said he was “assured” in the security of spectators despite security fears for the May Champions League final in Paris, which he will play in within a year World Rugby Cup.

As fans battled congestion in the stadium and were rebuffed by tear gas fired by local police, the kickoff between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the French capital was postponed.

Following the game, fans were followed by police and reported pickpocketing, robberies, and threats as they made their way to public transportation stops.

World Rugby chief Alan Gilpin

“There is always more to learn from experiences with other events,” Gilpin told AFP.

“There was a lot of dialogue between the organizing committee, the Paris authorities, and the wider government.

“We believe we can learn lessons from this, and we also believe we have a great safety plan, the spectator experience plan at the Stade de France.”

Gilpin’s rival in the organizing committee last week. Amelie Oudea-Castera, France’s minister of sports, banned Claude Atcher due to his leadership style. In-depth societal issues were discovered during the organization’s initial research.

“First of all, we take all allegations about the treatment of workers in Paris seriously,” Gilpin said.

“We have discussed these issues with the relevant ministries and organizing committees.”

“For us, it’s business as usual,” he added.

Bernard Laporte, vice president of World Rugby

The French rugby federation’s president and vice president, Bernard Laporte, will be accused of favoritism and corruption on Wednesday. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy France Vs Italy Tickets from our website.

The billionaire owner of the last 14 champions Montpellier, Mohd Altrad, a close friend of the 58-year-old former French coach, has been accused of favoring the award of the national team’s jersey sponsorship deal.

“As you understand, it is inappropriate for World Rugby to comment on ongoing proceedings and internal affairs,” Gilpin said.

“We have no comment on this.”

One spot left

As the race gets started, the official hosts welcome three-time champions New Zealand to Paris. The last batch of tickets for all races will be made available online the following month. The maximum number of supporters per user is six places.

Last month, Ireland won a historic Test series against the All Blacks. The list of candidates for the Webb Ellis Trophy became crowded as South Africa’s hosts suffered their first home loss to Wales.

“It’s fantastic for the sport and the fans will be more excited than ever,” Gilpin said.

“I don’t think we’ve been in a World Cup for a year and we have the competitiveness we have now.”

Join 2031 hosts the United States, along with Portugal, Kenya and Hong Kong, in a qualifier in France in November to compete for the final spot in the group stage.

“The game will be very competitive,” Gilpin said.

“Portugal was well prepared for that match.

“The US is disappointed that they are not eligible for a date, but there are many plans for their preparations, and Kenya and Hong Kong will try to stir up unrest.”

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‘I felt no symptoms’: Vakatawa declares shock retirement

Virimi Vakatawa, a French midfielder, has declared that he will leave rugby at the age of 30. The 32-year-old center’s Monday suspension from the national squad stunned the rugby community.

The Rugby League National Medical Council at the Racing 92 training facility in Paris, Vakatawa is currently conducting a press conference where he is citing a heart condition as the cause of his sudden retirement from racing.

“I didn’t feel any symptoms or anything like that,” said the New Zealand-born Parisian club legend that came to France from Fiji as a teenager. “

“I have discussed it with the doctor. I have no damage and everything is fine. I will not stay far from here to wake up.”

“I’m 17 and I don’t regret leaving my family at all. I know it’s hard. I always tell young people they’re lucky to be here. Fijians are still coming and I want to help them I am so grateful to have so many people by my side.”

Speaking at Plessis-Robinson’s media briefing on Tuesday Racing 92 team doctor Sylvain Blanchard explained that it was too risky for Vakatawa to continue racing.

“He had to stop his career in France for cardiac reasons. Heart defects were discovered before the 2019 World Cup in Japan. This abnormality unrelated to rugby has been monitored, but it is a developing condition. The risk has become too great.”

Rugby tournament director Laurent Travers

Rugby tournament director Laurent Travers added: “The hardest part was waiting too long. The hardest thing was announcing Virimi, then to the whole team. We know his role in the ’92 and the French rugby team. Importance Virimi is there still and will now be on the sidelines. Virimi will have to settle in a different way, with rugby but in a different way. We’ve talked a lot with him and his goal is to stay in France. He hopes to join Racing 92 stay.”

The media briefing was a club event, but the French rugby world was shocked by the news of Vakatawa’s shocking retirement, with even French national team manager Fabien Galthie appearing in person to give the now-retired midfielder a message. “I want to thank Racing 92 for bringing me here today,” said the tearful test coach.

“I want to join Virimi, it’s special, so I’m much moved. Their fate means he will play his last two matches against Les Bleus in Japan. We will try to get over it because we know it can happen at a high-level movement. But we’re still going all out shock retirement.

“I was touched when he called me on Monday. Virimi has made many children’s dreams come true. He was a key figure in our adventure and our history when we took over the French team. He was an example of his life. We must tell our kids to enjoy all their games like it’s the last game.” is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets. 

France Rugby World Cup

France Rugby World Cup with a positive impact

The France Rugby World Cup 2023 Organising Committee exposed this Tuesday an action plan aimed at leaving a social. And the ecological legacy that will resonate beyond the tournament. At the Académie du Climat in Paris, World Cup France 2023. And World Rugby confirmed its drive to raise the existing values for international sporting events in terms. Of social accountability, inclusion, and sustainable development.

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France Rugby World Cup with a positive impact
France Rugby World Cup with a positive impact

Four key actions have been taken acting for a sustainable and circular economy; investing in education, and training. And service; reducing the impact on the environment; fostering inclusion and accessibility for all. France 2023 also presented 15 innovative projects. Some already hurled and others soon to be deployed. Which all bring palpable proof of France 2023’s positive action.


France has applied a responsible procurement policy, based on a grid of environmental criteria. Also earmarking some of its public tenders to businesses from the social and solidarity economy. Including inclusive entities employing people with incapacities.

This willingness to have a long-term positive influence is also at the heart of the Campus 2023 program. Which will provide 3,000 young men and women with an education in sports. And entertaining industry through three modules (sports, tourism, security). Beyond emerging experts for the future. France Rugby World Cup 2023 wishes to foster a new cohort of citizens. Committed to acting for the greater good through involvement in food banks. And the collection of cigarette butts. Or recycling of mobile phones at resident rugby clubs.

Between Rugby WC 2023 quarter and semi-finals. France 2023 will organize the Worldwide Wheelchair Rugby Cup, in teamwork with World Wheelchair Rugby (WWF). A first for an RWC Organising Committee, the tournament is a chance to give unprecedented visibility to a spectacular. Inclusive, and mixed sport.

Amongst other initiatives, a green flexibility platform will be developed to offer RWC. Fans all eco-friendly travel answers available (carpooling, green taxis, scooters, electric bus…). And Rugby World Cup 2023’s medals will be produced from recycled electronic mechanisms.

France has applied a responsible procurement policy,
France has applied a responsible procurement policy,


To achieve the Rugby World Cup ambition to have an optimistic impact. It will require everyone involved to play their part, from host cities to fans. Players to competition officials, and media to commercial associates. Through its Players’ Committee chaired by John Eales. France 2023 will invite Rugby WC 2023’s 660 players to partake in creativities with a positive impact, both on and off the pitch.

Already a signatory of the French Ministry of Sports and WWF’s charter for accountability. And sustainable generous events (“15 engagements éco-responsables des événements sporty”). France 2023 has also committed to measuring. And issuing the impact of its CSR action plan through teamwork with independent experts.

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said:

“When organizing one of the world’s chiefs and best-loved sports events like Rugby World Cup. It is vital to seize the incredible opportunity to harness the power of rugby to deliver a positive and expressive impact. Much more than a chance, it is also our responsibility.Together with France, we share the desire that the Rugby World Cup can be a catalyst for optimistic change. And play an important role in the progression of modern society as a whole. The ambitious CSR strategy has been custom-made to fulfill that vision, bringing tangible proof. And presenting the roadmap to organize the most maintainable and purpose-driven Rugby World Cup ever.”

CEO Claude Atcher

France Rugby World Cup: CEO Claude Atcher said

“Rugby World Cup France 2023 wants to lead an example shift in how international sporting events are considered and delivered. As an Organising Committee, we must be aware of our role in civilization, in the world of today and tomorrow. This is our accountability. Beyond our words, we will deliver on specific proof points. I am hugely proud of our CSR strategy. Which is both ambitious and pertinent, and the action we have chosen that will benefit our society and our planet.”

CEO Claude Atcher
CEO Claude Atcher

France Rugby World Cup

The France Pare-Brise becomes an official follower of Rugby World Cup France 2023

The France Pare-Brise is joining forces with the main sporting event in the world in 2023.

France Pare-Brise is joining forces with the biggest sporting occasion in the world in 2023. 

The car window repair and spare specialist has become the Official Supporter of Rugby World Cup 2023. Which will take place in France. As a partner of local rugby for many years. France Pare-Brise is reaffirming its promise by supporting the premier men’s competition in the sport. To Know more about France Vs Namibia Tickets click here.

The France Pare-Brise network shares common standards with Rugby World Cup: team spirit, integrity, passion, and pleasantness. Through this agreement. The brand wants to be as close as possible to the fans before. And during the event; creating a promise to its customers. Its members, and its insurance partners with a program of dedicated doings.

Claude Atcher, France CEO said,

“We are pleased that France Pare-Brise and its network, who make proximity and team soul daily virtues. Are joining the France 2023 adventure. The year 2023 will be a Rugby World Cup for France’s regions. Where the memberships of France Pare-Brise are located, and who will take part in this great festivity as close to their homes as likely.” 

Pierre-Yves Desjeux, Deputy Handling Director of France Pare-Brise said:

“It is a great pride for our 192 members and their 1,000 employees to be current alongside France 2023 as an Official Supporter. It is a real opportunity to animate our network and our clientele by sharing the values of rugby and its moments of celebration and conviviality.” 

The France Pare-Brise network shares common standards with Rugby World Cup
The France Pare-Brise network shares common standards with Rugby World Cup

ABOUT FRANCE Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup will take home in France from 8 September-28 October with matches played in nine venues across 10 host cities. The competition will be the 10th men’s World Cup. And the second to be hosted by France after a memorable event in 2007.

World Cup will take home in a year. When the sport celebrates 200 years. Since Rugby School pupil William Webb Ellis was credited with inventing the game of rugby football by presenting

“a fine disregard for the rules”

in catching the ball and running with it in 1823.

France aims to be a positive impact rivalry. Setting new standards in social responsibility, and inclusion. and sustainable development for a major worldwide sporting event. Four strong commitments have been made: to act for a maintainable and circular economy. To commit to education, training, and employment, to limit the impact on the environment, and to support presence and accessibility. 

World Cup will be a prize event for rugby, with 20 teams competing. Forty-eight competitions will be played over 51 days. 


Created in 1993, now a subsidiary of the St-Gobain group. The France Pare-Brise net has more than 450 centers throughout France. Achieved by 190 independent business owners. And more than 1,000 employees committed to serving their clientele.

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The England team has welcomed back Alex Hales just in time for the T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup: Hales, 33, has battled his demons and grown up. and is now prepared to take his second shot at the World Cup after scoring seven international centuries, contributing to two ODI totals that broke records, and passing 10,000 career runs in T20.

The three-year exile for England’s white-ball powerhouse Alex Hales is finally ended. Even though he may have had problems staying out of trouble due to scandal and “trust issues.”

Hales was selected for the T20 World Cup squad as a replacement for Jonny Bairstow due to injury. and he has persuaded England’s management that he is a risk worth taking.

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Alex Hales
Alex Hales

Due to off-field difficulties, he may not have represented England since 2019, but with his current form, Jason Roy’s struggles. And Bairstow’s leg injury from slipping on a golf course, he has a chance to make an improbable comeback.

Before the 2019 World Cup, Hales tested positive for recreational drugs; at the time. White-ball captain Eoin Morgan claimed that this led to “a complete. Breakdown in trust” and Hales’ expulsion from the team.

The Nottinghamshire batter had already been placed on administrative leave for his involvement in a brawl outside a Bristol nightclub in 2017, during which Ben Stokes, a teammate from England, was initially charged with affray but ultimately found not guilty. He later apologized for “all the offense” he had caused after a photo of him wearing black face makeup in 2009 was revealed in November of last year.

The explosive T20 opener, who helped England to No. 1 in the world rankings and established two one-day international totals records, is back, but where has he been for the past three years?

Smashing the ball about for Barbados Tridents

Hales helped Notts reach the Vitality Blast semifinal in decent form throughout the 2019 English summer. A month after being released by England, he was selected by the Barbados Tridents, the team that placed last in the league stage of the previous season, in the first round of the Caribbean Premier League draught.

Alex Hales
Alex Hales

Hales impressed in his first season, helping Jason Holder’s Tridents to the title.

Heading to Durban

After joining the Durban Heat before the Mzansi Super League season, the hard-hitting England star became the team’s new international marquee player in September 2019.

“I have always wanted to play T20 cricket in South Africa, so when I was offered the chance here it was a no-brainer for me,” he said.

Hales once more made an impression, but not enough to help Durban advance.

Time for the Big Bash

Hales signed a one-year contract with Sydney Thunder for the Big Bash League in Australia after having successful stints with the Melbourne Renegades, Adelaide Strikers, and Hobart Hurricanes previously. To know more about England Vs Australia Tickets click here.

He’s one of the most devastating batters, an amazing defender, and obviously a highly experienced player, according to Sydney Thunder head coach Shane Bond.

Hales went on to score 576 runs at a strike rate of just under 150 and finished the 2019 BBL as the second-highest run-scorer. Together with Usman Khawaja, he also created a fantastic starting combination.

Alex Hales
Alex Hales

A more mature player and person

In May 2020, Hales said he had “matured” as a player and person and hoped to get back into England’s international plans.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Hales said: “I just hope the damage that’s been done isn’t terminal and I get another bite of the cherry.

“I certainly feel I have matured. As a player and away from the game, I’ve moved on and grown from the mistakes I’ve made in my private life, and hopefully, people can forgive and forget.

“I feel I’m in good head space and hopefully I’ll get the chance to show that in the group environment again. I’d love to get my place back; playing international cricket is the highlight of any player’s career.

“As Morgs (Eoin Morgan) has said, I guess time is the biggest healer. I just don’t know how long that is going to go on. It can be tough to rebuild that trust when you are not in the close-knit circles.”

Back on the road & hotel quarantine

The Pakistan Super League semifinals and championship game were postponed in April 2020 as a result of a request from Karachi King’s batsman Hales.

At two in the morning, Hales admitted to Kings’ owner that he was exhibiting signs of Covid-19.

Alex Hales was a part of the Kings team that defeated Lahore Qalandars in the final, which was ultimately played in November.

Top Order Batsmen Hales was selected for the Barbados Tridents’ Caribbean Premier League team in July 2020, but he was unable to help them reach the playoffs.

Hales was compelled to spend 14 days in a hotel after departing the UK to prepare for the Big Bash in Australia that winter.

“Yeah it was tough – punishing is one way to describe it. it was an interesting couple of weeks not seeing daylight or getting fresh air,” he said.

“It was a new experience but it was worth it now to get the chance to play in the Big Bash. There’s a bit more freedom here than you get back home as well.

“It’s tough to leave home at any time. I have refreshed and only played a month and a half of cricket and it wasn’t in bubbles in the UK.

“I’d be a lot fresher than some of those guys that have been in bubble life since June or July, so I can see where they are coming from. It’s such a huge strain on your mental and physical health to be in those bubbles.

” I am fresh and looking forward to the next couple of months.”

The imposing figure of Hales ended up as the top scorer, helping Thunder finish fifth.

Alex Hales
Alex Hales

Timely reminder

With a blazing 482 runs at a strike rate of 178 for Nottinghamshire during the 2021 T20 Blast, Hales served as a timely reminder of his skills to selectors.

Despite this, England selectors ignored Hales once more before the ODI and T20 Pakistan series due to a coronavirus outbreak in the bio-bubble.

Michael Vaughan took to Twitter to vent his frustration at Hales’ latest snub.

“So No Alex Hales that must be the end of his international career then find it very sad that someone who made a huge mistake but was punished can’t be given another go,” Vaughan wrote on Twitter.

“We all mistakes every week!!! Those that say they don’t are lying” added Vaughan.

Covid-19 & bubble fatigue

Hales spent the winter in Australia, where he signed a deal with Covid-19, playing for Thunder in the BBL and Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League.

He briefly left the PSL before rejoining, but he ultimately decided to step away from the franchise scene because of the bio-secure environment constraints, which, he freely admits, hurt his mental health.

“I am truly gutted to have to turn down one of the best opportunities of my career due to the toil that the last two years of bubble life have taken on my mental well-being. I’ll now take some time to rest and recharge ahead of the summer,” said Hales.

Due to bubble fatigue, Hales withdrew from the 2022 IPL with the Kolkata Knight Riders, but in April he was acquired by the Trent Rockets for The Hundred.

‘Forgive, move on

After he struck a stunning 59 off 29 balls including four sixes and six fours during the Rocket’s victory over Oval Invincibles, Sky Sports’ Nasser Hussain said: “I try and pick people on their ability as a cricketer. He did the crime, he served his time… forgive, move on.

“But, you can’t tell me from what we’ve seen from domestic franchises around the world… Alex Hales is a serious cricketer.

“Try and pick your best side, but they may know something else, that inner core of senior players may not want him.”

England ICC T20 World Cup squad

Jos Buttler (Lancashire, captain), Moeen Ali (Worcestershire), Harry Brook (Yorkshire), Sam Curran (Surrey), Alex Hales (Nottinghamshire) Chris Jordan (Surrey), Liam Livingstone (Lancashire), Dawid Malan (Yorkshire), Adil Rashid (Yorkshire), Phil Salt (Lancashire), Ben Stokes (Durham), Reece Topley (Surrey), David Willey (Yorkshire), Chris Woakes (Warwickshire), Mark Wood (Durham).

Traveling Reserves: Liam Dawson (Hampshire), Richard Gleeson (Lancashire), Tymal Mills (Sussex).

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Australia T20 World Cup

Visit Australia for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Australia T20 World Cup: The men’s short-format competition heads down for the first time.  And here’s how you can balance days at the cricket with a thrilling travel knowledge


Travel down under to watch England challenge for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup across Australia’s spectacular coastal cities. Enjoy sunshine and cricket before traveling some of the best experiences Australia’s cities have to the proposal. Away from the host cities, you can also enjoy pristine beaches, and gourmet crops in lush-green wine regions. And natural miracles where you can spot famous Aussie animals and the rich red sands of the Wilderness.

You will be royally amused by the action on the field and will walk away from your Australian adventure with new friends and lasting reminiscences.

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Visit Australia for the ICC Men's T20 World Cup
Visit Australia for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup


Fly direct from London to Perth, Australia’s sunniest city, and learn about 19 beaches, an island paradise, and wildlife encounters. From the friendly quokkas to fervent producers and aboriginal guides. The locals will give you a welcome as warm as the weather. England starts their competition here on October 22. 

When you’re not at the cricket…

  • Just a 30-minute ship ride from Perth you’ll find Rottnest Island, with its stunning beaches, unique wildlife, and spectacular set. See fur seals, ospreys, turtles, dolphins, and quokkas, the happiest animals on earth!
  • Fremantle boasts colonial buildings, cool shopping strips, and lively bars and restaurants.

Out of town

  • Just a three-hour drive from Perth, the Margaret River Region boasts stunning beaches and coastal walks and is one of Australia’s most famous food and wine areas. Tour cellar do
  • Just a three-hour drive from Perth, the Margaret River Region boasts spectacular beaches and coastal walks and is one of Australia’s most famous food and wine areas. Tour cellar doors, eat fresh seafood straight from the ocean and indulge in local cheese flowers, chocolates, and truffles.


Explore over 200 cellar doors, get up close with Aussie nature and relax on stunning golden beaches. Key fixtures at the lovely Adelaide Oval include the semi-final.

When you’re not at the cricket…

  • Take on the Adelaide Oval Roof Climb for spectacular bird’s eye views of the cricket ground, the city, and the Adelaide Hills.
  • Ride from Mount Lofty on crag bikes through native bush or via the forests and vineyards of McLaren Vale.

Out of town

Kangaroo Island, just under a 2.5-hour energy/ferry or 30-minute flight from Adelaide is possibly the best place to see Australian wildlife in the wild. Kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, sea lions, echidnas, and many classes of birds call the island home. Visit Flinders Chase National Park, Seal Bay and basement doors, craft breweries, like freshly shucked oysters, and sample award-winning Kangaroo Island gins. To know more about England Vs Australia Tickets click here.

Australia T20 World Cup: Beautiful Place in Australia
Beautiful Place in Australia

Australia T20 World Cup


Melbourne is the perfect gateway to learning in Australia. Uncover laneways & rooftops with hip bars, magnificent street art, fantastic seashores, alfresco eateries, and cafes serving some of the world’s best coffee. England play at the MCG on October 26 and then against Australia T20 World Cup in a huge match on October 28!

When you’re not at the cricket…

  • Take a hot-air balloon flying and fly over the MCG, the Eureka Tower, and Port Phillip Bay.
  • St Kilda Beach is renowned for its palm-lined boardwalk great dusks, and little penguins.

Out of town

  • Drive the spectacular Great Ocean Road, which winds alongside the wild Southern Ocean in stunning 90-minute energy from Torquay to Portland. Admire the 12 Apostles (natural limestone stacks), get up close to native nature at Wildlife Wonders, and learn more about Aboriginal Culture at the Tower Hill Wildlife Standby. Where you can also spot koalas, kangaroos, and emus.


Australia’s Northern Territory extends from the center of the nation to the coastal capital city of Darwin, famous for its markets, crocodiles, and strong Aboriginal culture.

Visit The Red Centre for a strange landscape and some of Aboriginal Australia’s most sacred sites, including Uluru and Kata Tjuta.


Enjoy thriving markets, an unrivaled natural setting, and a tangible sense of history. Hobart’s Blundstone Arena will play host to nine ICC Men’s T20 World Cup competitions. 

When you’re not at the cricket…

  • Enjoy a Pennicott Wilderness Journey tour and knowledge of towering sea cliffs. Spot dolphins and seals or pluck fresh seafood straight from the water. 
  • Meet Tasmanian Devils at the Bonorong Wildlife Preserve.

Out of town

  • Take a trip to Bruny Island for natural beauty, fresh oysters, and delicious cheese.


Australia’s natural capital is a vibrant city that’s full of new hotel openings, precincts, restaurants, and bars. Watch England at the Gabba on November 1. 

Australia T20 World Cup
Australia T20 World Cup

When you’re not at the cricket…

  • Climb the iconic Story Bridge for a bird’s eye view of the spectacular skyline, nearby mountains, and islands
  • Take an art class at Birrunga Gallery the brainchild of First Nations artist and curator Birrunga Wiradyuri and learn under the instruction of some of Brisbane’s most gifted Indigenous artists.

Out of town

  • Take the 1.5-hour flight from Brisbane to Hamilton Island or Proserpine for The Whitsundays. Made up of 74 unbelievable islands, The Whitsundays is at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and home to jewel-colored coral cays, stunning marine nature, and luxury. 


Iconic landmarks, a famous harbor, dazzling beaches, spectacular views, and incredible local beaches. Expect fireworks when England plays at the SCG on November 5.

When you’re not at the cricket…

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for unequaled opinions across the harbor and city skyline.

  • Join Dreamtime Southern X’s Aunty Margret Campbell for the Royal Botanic Garden’s 90-minute Aboriginal Culture Walking Trip. 

Out of town

  • Just 90 minutes by car from Sydney the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains Area is famous for its magnificent sandstone escarpments and deep valleys. There are nearby walking tracks through the ancient forest along the Scenic Walkway for remarkable views and longer walks. Such as the Grand Canyon Track, a 6.3km loop that starts at Evans Lookout in Blackheath.

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