Kell Brook believes Amir Khan’s chin is his biggest flaw, and he’s ready to expose him in their fight on Saturday. After a nearly two-decade battle, Brook and Khan will finally fight in Manchester, where they will compete at 10th 9lbs (68kg). Fans can buy Amir Khan vs Kell Brook Tickets from our website.

Kell Brook believes Amir Khan’s chin is his biggest flaw, and he’s ready to expose

Brook claimed there was genuine enmity between the two former world champions in an interview with 5 Live. He doesn’t similar to me, and I don’t like him. It’s a bitter rivalry, to say the least, he stated before the highly anticipated bout, Brook and Khan, both 35, sat down with Eleanor Roper to assess each other’s strengths and shortcomings.

Brook answered, “His whiskers,” when asked what Khan’s greatest flaw was. His chin, to be precise. His chin is no longer visible to the rest of the world. The fight is a catchweight bout, with 10st 9lb being two pounds above welterweight but five pounds below super-welterweight.

He went on to say that timing is more important than speed. I always seem to figure out a way to get my photos in. We’ve been in there for a long time, and we’ll have to exchange at some point. There will be a great deal of drama in this bout. Fans can buy Khan vs Brook Tickets from our website.

Khan disputed Brook’s evaluation of his chin, claiming that he had watched Brook’s desire dwindle in recent years. Kell, I’m committed, is incapable of noticing a shot. I believe his chin is severely damaged, in response, Khan stated. I just don’t believe he has it in him anymore. He no longer has the heart he had five years ago; he now kneels and surrenders in conflicts.

Despite the fact that both men are past their prime, the Manchester Arena sold out in minutes, with fans eager to see the two British boxers’ finally square battle in the ring. Brook remarked of Khan and their long-standing feud, “I don’t appreciate his attitude, his lies.” I believe the boxing world is aware that I have long desired this fight. It irritates me when he says it’s because I’ve never wanted it.

Khan disputed Brook’s evaluation of his chin

Despite being a world champion at welterweight, Khan, who held two world titles at light-welterweight in 2011, believes Brook has built his identity on Khan’s reputation.

He’s been living off my name for the whole of his career, Khan claimed. It makes me a little irritated. Why does he constantly criticize me, even while I’m fighting someone else? But he was the one who made the battle happen. He said, “I knew it would occur one day. I’d never leave the sport if it didn’t happen.” is the best website to buy Amir vs Kell Tickets. Fans can buy Amir Khan Tickets from our website.