In front of his extremely foretold session with the Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua granted his beloved fans a smack of how unbreakable he’s been up and running over the past few months. Fans can buy joshua vs usyk tickets from our website.


Latest photos:

AJ took to his social media accounts and posted multiple photographs of his latest anatomy. And the boxer does he looks jeopardizing.

As a general rule a more sizeable fighter, Joshua’s metamorphosis has knocked someone sock’s off many people. Along with those in the observation section of the boxer’s post.

Present-day WBO heavyweight title champion, Lawrence Okolie was one of the users to post’s comment section. Commenting: “Lean, mean, boxing machine.”

New Slim and Trim Joshua:

An addition in one of Joshua’s followers talked about: “Just me or does he look slimmer than ever?”

The answer is definitely yes, yes he does.

Anthony Joshua’s thoughts:

With considering to his training authorities and lacking to go for a more slant look, Joshua informed Sky Sports: “I do look at my weight but I’m not trying to make weight because I’m a heavyweight.”

“I tailor my training. I am gaining a lot of experience, I’ve been fighting with world-class good fighters for a long time. And I’ve studied them and also learned about their training camps.”

“I’ve learned how to condition my body for particular fights. I’m looking slim and trim for this battle.”

Joshua’s reviews for Usyk:

“I’m fighting a fighter who is a 12-round fighter. So it would be stupid of me to go in there with immense girth with my muscles screaming for oxygen.”

“I’ve been coaching like a 15-round fighter in this camp. I will be well-conditioned to fight. That is key.”

“What happens when I train that way? My body adapts and takes its real form. This is the form it has been got hold of.”

Most of the boxing world has already anticipated that AJ will knock out Usyk, who has always been referred to as an underdeveloped heavyweight after his alteration from the cruiserweight category.

Despite the knock-out prognostication, AJ had already told his fans that he has no fight-ending concatenation arranged.

“I was witnessing [Evander] Holyfield and [James] Quick Tillis this day and he was telling how he was coming across things to come and bring war.”

“And if he wins, he’s will fight Tyson and rematch him. And he lost, that might be only the 5th round what I think”

“So it just shows whatever I say, however people say, it does not matter until you are in the rain. I always respect it, everyone is authorized.”

“And that’s what I was telling the other day, I’m going to be that guy on the sidelines.”

“But for the time being as for now, I could only wish Usyk a great camp, I wish his team well wishes. And I wish them safe travels. Same as with my team.

Keeping boxing ALIVE:

“The main thing is we keep boxing alive and we get in there and we put on a healthy fight, and that’s why we all are here to do.

“And this is what I’m here to do, and at the end of the day. And he’s here to do the same as I am doing.”


Joshua goes head to head with Usyk on the 25th of September, 2021 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium located in London. is the best website for all sports and Anthony Joshua fight tickets. The boxing fans can Usyk Joshua Tickets buy from our website at exclusively discountable prices.