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Rugby World Cup tickets


World Rugby has announced details of a new trade association. In which the Asahi Group will join the world partners for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. Under the agreement, Asahi Super Dry will become the official beer for the tournament. Which begins on September 8 and will be played at nine world-class venues throughout the host country. The Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup tickets 2023 from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

The announcement that the Japanese brand will join the 2023 Rugby World Cup commercial family follows the 2019 Rugby World Cup record in Japan. Which surpassed all initial commercial revenue forecasts, largely influenced by strong interest from Japanese. And Asian brands in general in the main event. The agreement reflects the growing global presence and impact of rugby and Asahi’s ambition to take advantage of new markets.

The Asahi Super Dry, launched in the same year as the inaugural Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 1987. Also shares the core values of rugby passion and solidarity. And will seek to capture the imagination of world fans as they contribute to the success of the tournament.

Rugby World Cup President Statement

World Rugby President Sir Bill Beaumont said: “We delighted to welcome the Asahi Group to the family of global partners for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. His appointment reflects not only the prestige and truly international appeal of our event. But also the facility of growing and global sport to succeed in and attract a replacement audience. We look forward to working with them to meet what promises to be a very successful and special Rugby World Cup.”

World Rugby CEO Alan Gilpin added: “Asahi is a Japanese brand with great global ambitions. And in many ways this agreement reflects the brilliant legacy of the 2019 tournament. Which has generated huge interest from Asia’s biggest brands at the Rugby World Cup. And having witnessed how successful it can be to bring together the host nation. Attract fans from around the world and create new trade associations.”

President Shiozawa said: “It may be a great honor to be the primary Asian company to participate within the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. The foremost prestigious rugby tournament, as a worldwide partner. Asahi Super Dry born in 1987, when the primary Rugby World Cup held. We are in love with the passion and core values of rugby. Which include facing any difficulty, respecting each other and moving forward together.

These values are also shared with Asahi Super Dry. Who will have the ambition to take root in all teams. And act positively and work hard to unite the whole world. Asahi Breweries, Ltd. will watch you share excitement and unforgettable moments with everyone, contributing to the success of the tournament. I believe that this association can unite the world.”

Asahi Europe & International Marketing Director Grant McKenzie added: “The 2023 Rugby World Cup and Asahi Super Dry share a declared passion for creating unforgettable and moving opportunities. Through this partnership, Japan’s leading Asahi Super Dry beer will delivered to a truly global audience in more than 200 territories. We look forward to sharing the unique taste of recent Japan with rugby fans round the world”.

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On the other hand Asahi Group (Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.) may be a global beverage and company based in Japan. Asahi Group, established in 1889, has evolved steadily over the past 10 years. By extending its business base around the world with its large-scale entry into Oceania, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Asahi Group Philosophy

Looking ahead, the Asahi Group will still pursue its evolution by leveraging the Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP). Established in 2018, as an engine to form its vision “a creator of value at the global and local level, growing with high value-added brands”. However Asahi Breweries is the leading company in Japan that manufactures markets and distributes alcohol brands in Japan. Asahi Europe & International formulates business strategies and manages the business of premium brands throughout the global market. 


The 2023 Rugby World Cup will take place in France from 8 September to 28 October. With matches played at nine venues in 10 host cities. The tournament will be the 10th Men’s Rugby World Cup. And the second to be organised by France after a memorable event in 2007. Hence Eticketing.co is the best website for World Cup 2023 tickets. The Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup Final tickets 2023 from our website at massively discounted prices.

Rugby World Cup tickets


France World Cup 2023 CEO, Claude Atcher, has launched the 2023 French Rugby World Cup with Australian rugby legend John Eales as president. Eales, winner of the 1991 and 1999 Rugby World Cups, has accepted the role of chairman of France’s 2023 Rugby World Cup players committee. The Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup tickets 2023 from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Former Wallabies captain, who was in the World Rugby Hall of Fame in 2007. And will play a key role in linking the 660 players. And participating in the 2023 Rugby World Cup with the 2023 French Organising Committee. This quote also gives this player an international dimension.

Rugby World Cup 2023 player’s Committee Launches with John Eales as chairman

Seven members on the Player’s Committee

Eales will be accompanied by six leading figures from French and international rugby. Former France internationals Philippe Sella and Yannick Jauzion will be part of the players’ committee. Alongside Wales rugby legend Gareth Thomas and former Australian captain David Pocock, known for his strong attitudes on environmental issues.

As Rugby World Cup France 2023 seeks to emphasize the role of girls in rugby. This Players’ Committee also will feature France’s Jessy Trémoulière. Who was named World Rugby Women’s 15s Player of the last decade last December. And Iesinga Vunipola, mother of England rugby stars Mako and Billy.

Players at the heart of Rugby World Cup 2023

The Players’ Committee meets several times a year to monitor a number of objectives:

  • Strengthen the bond between the 660 players. Who will play in the 2023 Rugby World Cup and fans in France and around the world
  • Bring professional and amateur rugby closer together
  • Involve players outside the rugby field around French social responsibility initiatives for 2023, in particular through sustainable development projects. And address all forms of discrimination

Following the historic decision to extend the 2023 Rugby World Cup by a week. From 8 September to 28 October. The extension of rest periods for all teams. The creation of this players’ committee confirms the desire of the 2023 Rugby World Cup France. And to place players at the centre of the competition, in this 10th year. Which falls within the 200th year of our sport. The fans can buy France Rugby World Cup tickets 2023 from our website.

However the CEO of France 2023, Claude Atcher, said: “Thanks to his determination on the pitch and his off-field commitments. Our players are modern heroes, examples for future generations. The committee of players will ensure a valuable connection with fans and the world of amateur rugby. Thus, the 660 rugby players participating in the competition. And will be the main contributors to the positive legacy left behind by the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France.

“I would like to thank President John Eales and the six representatives involved in this project. Although In France and internationally, our priority remains the same: to put our players at the heart of the matter.”

Rugby World Cup 2023 player’s Committee Launches with John Eales as chairman

The chairman of the Players Committee, Eales, said: “Rugby is more than just a sport, it’s a community and it’s a way of being. Don’t just create players; shapes young men and women. The player committee will be there for fans and players. So that rugby can continue to play an integral role in the inspiration of the future. And building the social bond that is so important to our society and to our individual well-being. We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France.”

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Europe 1 Rugby World Cup tickets

RUGBY World Cup 2023: GEORGIA IN position TO QUALIFY for World Cup 2023 AS EUROPE 1

The race for two European qualifying places in a row for France 2023 is well on its way with Georgia leading after four rounds of the 2021 European Rugby Championship. After four consecutive victories at the 2021 European Rugby Championship, Georgia wants to qualify for the 2023 Rugby World Cup as Europe 1. The Rugby Fans can buy EUROPE 1 Rugby World Cup tickets from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Matches at this year’s European Rugby Championship and the 2022 tournament have already opened up a nine-point gap at the top of the rankings in the 2023 RWC and Lelos qualifiers.

The competition will take place in July. When the winner of the playoffs between Belgium and the Netherlands will be the sixth team to compete in the European Rugby Championship on 29 May.

Rugby World Cup Open contest

While it would be a dramatic drop in fate for Georgia to miss the 2019 RWC meeting with rivals Wales, Australia, and Fiji. Plus the eventual winner of qualifying in French Pool C, the identity of Europe 2 is a gamble. For Europe 1 Rugby World Cup tickets visit our website.

Any team among the undefeated defending champion seems capable of beating one another. Although the opposite Romania – the sole team aside from Georgia to possess played four games. And have a four-point lead in their condition.

The Oaks shrugged off a close 18-13 loss to Russia in the first round. And lost to 14-man Georgia (28-17) in their last encounters against Portugal (28-27) and Spain (22-16).

Not qualifying for Japan 2019 was a bitter blow for Romania. And they will be desperate to recover and come to France Rugby World Cup 2023.

The other three main contenders have experienced the Rugby World Cup before – Spain in 1999. Portugal in 2007 and Russia twice, in 2011 and 2019 – and can want to try to do it again.

Russia has only played two matches so far. And a win over Portugal and Spain and against a play-off winner would work wonders. For their chances of playing in the Rugby World Cup in Europe for the first time by the end of the year.

Spain must speed up and speed up its campaign. The three-game losing streak,. Which included two consecutive red cards, was a disappointing start to the European Rugby Championship for Los Leones. Who, as the top-ranked team behind Georgia, had hoped to get away with it when the competition began in February.

After defeats to Georgia and Romania, which os Lobos with two late attempts to win by the narrowest of differences. Portugal opened their account with a 43-28 victory against Spain last weekend.

Outside influences

In the meantime, it will be fascinating to see what impact the introduction of Belgium. Or the Netherlands will have on competition. While Belgium are well known in Rugby Europe Championship circles. A playoff win for the Netherlands would surely shake things up in the race to join South Africa. Scotland, Ireland and the Asia/Pacific 1 qualifier in Pool B at RWC 2023. For South Africa Rugby World Cup tickets visit our website eticketing.

The Netherlands is preparing to take part in the European Rugby Championship for the first time in almost two decades. And will come up with a surprising element. And the brand of free-running rugby to match the firmer ground that warmer weather will bring in July.

They won’t all be lost to teams that don’t finish first or second. The third team in the 2021 and 2022 tournaments will have another chance to qualify for the final qualifying tournament. Which will be played in November 2022.

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British and Irish Lions tickets

British Lions commit to South Africa tour

The British and Irish Lions have committed to touring South Africa this summer, as planned in July and August. During the 2021 tour, there was a lot of speculation about the Covid-19 pandemic. Considering contingency plans to host matches in the UK and Australia. But the Lions Board has now confirmed it would prefer to continue the tour to South Africa. The Rugby Fans can buy British and Irish Lions tickets 2021 from our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Jason Leonard, chairman of the British & Irish Lions, said: “After reviewing information on the various emergency scenarios under consideration, I can confirm that the board plans to continue in South Africa in 2021.

“We recognize that much work still must be done to implement a robust Covid-19 countermeasure to form sure a successful, safe and uninterrupted inspection. SA Rugby will have our full support to assist implement this plan.”

However, there are still big question marks over. Whether fans can attend matches – whether in South Africa or traveling from abroad. Playing games behind closed doors would have a big financial impact on SA Rugby. And will still be unsure for the tour.

SA Rugby chairman Mark Alexander said: “We appreciate the Belief of the Lions and share their desire to see a safe and successful tour. And”We are in regular contact with our government to realize this against the backdrop of the pandemic and anticipated progress within the coming months.

‘There are serious financial consequences for SA Rugby. If the event held without the participation of supporters, and we can’t ignore that in our minds. However, we committed that the end result will provide players, supporters. And our business partners with the best opportunities and experience.”

Lions 2021’s original tour schedule could also change due to those considerations.

Leonard added: “Every British and Irish player dreams of wearing the famous red jersey. And players within the hemisphere want to need part within the Lions series. We owe it to the present players who try to urge a spot on both teams to form sure. They will be a part of Lions history. Fans can buy South Africa VS British and Irish Lions tickets 2021 at discount prices from our website.

“We are considerably looking forward to fleeing South Africa. For what promises to be a really competitive series against the reigning world champions.”

A test ahead of the Lions-Japan tour. Which take place at BT Murray field on Saturday 26 June, still planned. But a decision on the size of the public will made closer to time to ensure. It complies with the UK government regulations.

British Lions commit to South Africa tour – Rugby World Verdict

The Lions beauty is the best player in Britain and Ireland. Who travels to the other side of the world to try to overcome the chances of playing in a hostile environment. And Jason Leonard and his board stick to that tradition.

However, fans are also an integral part of the Lions. And it still seems highly unlikely that the usual red hordes from Great Britain and Ireland could head south. Even having home fans is far from certain; matches played behind closed doors are still a clear possibility.

Yet fans are also an integral part of the Six Nations. And 2021 still brought a great championship without them, although it would be even better with them!

It’s also hard to ascertain this announcement as a 100% confirmation. That the tour will plow ahead – the Lions themselves describe it. Because of the “intended position,” so there are not any guarantees. If the situation in Covid worsens in the coming months, we can look at postponement until 2025.

Jumping on a plane to a replacement venue every few days. May be normal thanks to doing things on a Lions tour. But given the pandemic, matches often limited to at least one or two places? It may be easier to reduce the risk if each team settles in one hotel. And creates a “bubble” where they can control the environment, but this can hardly described as a “tour”.

So a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of work for the organizers, but at least there is an action plan. And hopefully, fans, even if their numbers are limited, will be allowed into stadiums when the tour begins in July.

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England take the third position in World Rugby Men’s Rankings

A series of intense matches between the six nations and the European Rugby Championship resulted in no fewer than seven changes in world rugby’s men’s rankings. After beating France and Scotland, England and Ireland have improved their positions in the world rugby men’s rankings. Fans can buy England Rugby World Cup tickets 2023 from xchange tickets at a discount price.

Rugby World Cup tickets 2023
England take the third position in the world Rugby men’s ranking

Two weeks ago England regained their third-place loss with a thrilling 23-20 win on Le Crouch, while Ireland beat Australia 27-24 at Murray field to finish sixth.

As a result of the 2021 Six Nations and the 2021 European Rugby Championship, the other five teams are on the rise and have not even played.

Argentina took advantage of a narrow defeat by Scotland, which fell to eighth and Scotland dropped to ninth. Uruguay, meanwhile, is in the process of switching places with Spain Rugby World Cup, who are currently 25-19 at home to Georgia and currently 17th and 18th respectively.

The closest result was a 28-27 home loss to Romania, with Portugal losing three places. Os Lobos fell to 24th place, with Hong Kong, Namibia, and Canada among the beneficiaries.


Maro Itoje’s nearly three minutes ended France’s Grand Slam dream. And helping England lose to Wales in the third round of the 2021 Six nations.

England was behind for much of the match. And trailed 17-13 at half-time following tries from Antoine Dupont and an excellent strike move finished off by Damian Penaud.

Anthony Watson was dangerous all along, scoring England’s only try in the first half. But captain Owen Farrell’s 13 points and a daring second-half effort, ending with Itoje’s try, denied Les Bleus his first win at Twickenham since 2005.

France, who plays unbeaten Wales in Paris next weekend, can win the title for the primary time since 2010.


Wales swept Italy away in the first of two kick-offs on Saturday in a 48-7 win in Rome. Hooker Ken Owens caught the brace and was joined on the score sheet by both starting wingers Josh Adams and Louis Rees-Zammit, center George North, number eight Taulupe Faletau, and substitute Callum Sheedy.

on the other hand, Monty Ioane’s well-received try was a small consolation for the Azzurri. Who have now played 31 consecutive Six Nations matches without a win. The result had no effect on the standings as Wales and Italy remain in fifth and 15th place.

Rugby World Cup tickets 2023
England take the third position in the world Rugby men’s ranking


Johnny Sexton’s late penalty was the sole thing separating Ireland from Scotland during a bruising battle at Murray field. One that sees Ireland move up to sixth place and Scotland to ninth within the rankings.

Scotland outscored the hosts 3-1. But Sexton kept his nerve to score the winning kick from the left with three minutes left. And Finn Russell, Huw Jones, and Hamish Watson scored Scotland’s tries. While Robbie Henshaw and therefore the excellent Tadhg Beirne crossed for Ireland.


The second round of the 2021 European Rugby Championship was equally exciting. Especially with qualifying points from the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Georgia currently tops the table and leads the race for an area in Pool C for Europe 1 at the tournament in France. After an exciting 25-19 convert Spain, meaning two of the 2 wins for Lelos.

Tornike Jalagonia secured Georgia a perfect start in Madrid after just two minutes after their opening-round victory over Portugal. However, Spain responded almost immediately through Brad Linklater’s record. And it was everyone’s game at the end of the first half.

A brilliant save from Captain Merab Sharikadze started Georgia’s try. And led to Akaki Tabutsadze’s try in the 48th minute and Jab Bregvadz added a third with 14 minutes remaining.

However, poor discipline from Georgia was punished by Spain. He remained in the game until the final whistle thanks to several penalties from Bautista Guemes and Linklater.

With less than two-tenths of the score for the win. Georgia could only slightly reduce the big point’s deficit between them and Fiji above them and stay in 12th place. Spain, which would equal its record 16th place if it won, dropped one place to 18th place. And the fans can buy Rugby World cup tickets 2023.

Rugby World Cup tickets 2023
England take the third position in the world Rugby men’s ranking


Florin Vlaicu became the first emerging nation player to score 1,000 Test points at the weekend. But it was Iiel Melinte’s last conversion that saw Romania come from behind to beat Portugal 28-27.

On the other hand, Portugal will follow up last year’s convert Romania with tries from Dany Antunes, Jeronimo Portela, and Raffaele Storti and 12 points from Samuel Marques’ 27th and 14th.

But two converted tries in the final six minutes from Nicholas Onutu and Ovidiu Cojocaru saw the Oaks double their score to secure a remarkable victory that kept them 19th in the standings. Xchangeticket.com is the best website for RWC world cup fans. The Fans can buy Rugby World Cup tickets from our website at reasonable prices.

Romania’s Florin Vlaicu overcomes nervous 990s to succeed in the 1,000-point milestone

Last weekend, the veteran Romanian flyer/center became the seventh player to score 1,000 points. And the first to reach this extraordinary milestone when he scored his first goal in Lisbon’s 28-27 win over Portugal. Now he needs just four points to take in Italy’s Diego Dormings, who is top of the table. The fans can buy Rugby world cup 2023 tickets from our website at exclusive discount prices.

“It’s nice to possess my name there, with the massive guy. I feel good, I just want to stay going and perhaps. I’ll overtake Diego Dormings for sixth place,” he told the planet Rugby Championship in Bucharest.

Rugby world cup tickets

Romania’s Florin Vlaicu overcomes nervous 990s to succeed in the 1000-point milestone

“It’s good that it happened because I even have been waiting since last year. When unfortunately we didn’t play plenty of games.”


What makes Vlaicu’s performance all the more remarkable is that. He is completely self-taught as a kicker, admitting he is not immune to pressure.

“I’m always nervous when I kick goals, before every kick. Even if I play a good team or a poor team,” revealed ‘the Jonny Wilkinson’ of Eastern European rugby.

“I’ve never spoken to anyone (about kicking), I train tons and inspect to develop my kick and teach the young boys to follow me.

“For the last six/seven years, my kicking has been good.”

Romania’s record scorer (1,007 points) and most capped player (126 caps). Vlaicu is still in contention to make a fourth Rugby World Cup.

The Bucharest-born player is going to be 37 by the time Rugby World Cup France 2023 comes around. But he will still be a year younger than Ireland’s Johnny Sexton, who shows no signs of quitting. Because the pair of prolific points-scorers both appear in RWC France.

Rugby world cup 2023 tickets
Romania’s Florin Vlaicu overcomes nervous 990s to succeed in the 1000-point milestone


First, Romania has to get there. Failure to qualify for the tournament in World Rugby Japan was a bitter blow to all involved. And the trip to France Rugby world cup 2023 got off to a false start with the defeat to Russia in round one of the Rugby Europe Championship 2021.

“For Romanian rugby and for me, it was a disappointment (not to play at RWC 2019). But we can’t do anything about it now, we just have to think about the next tournament. Japan is over.

“Playing at another World Rugby Cup is not impossible. But I just want to enjoy my rugby for now and take it step by step. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the future. It’s a long way away.

“It’s hard to remain up with the young guys when you’re in your 30s. But I feel good, for now, which I would like to remain going this year. And maybe next year, I don’t know.”


Until Japan 2019, Romania appeared in every Rugby World Cup. Missing a second is something they don’t want to count.

Snatching a win from the jaws of defeat to Portugal got them back on track. And a further win against higher-ranked Spain this weekend would be a statement for a team looking to recover from a difficult few years.

‘We’ve got a young team and we didn’t play for a long time. So that’s why we had these results – defeat Russia and beat Portugal in the last stage. But now we’re reception and that we want to urge a win against Spain. Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup2023 tickets.

Rugby world cup 2023 tickets
Romania’s Florin Vlaicu overcomes nervous 990s to succeed in the 1000-point milestone

 “We know it’ll be tough because we saw Spain’s game against Georgia and that they did well. It’s always a troublesome game against Spain, home or away.

“I hope we’ll win every game and go there because the earth Cup is something else, for any rugby player.”

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First Rugby World Cup 2023 ticket packs continue sale

A record 2.6 million tickets going to made available for the tournament. Underscoring its ambition to the foremost accessible Rugby World Cup ever. Tickets continue the sale through a real-time phased process, starting with a presale of the City. And Team packs from 15 March-5 April before made available to the overall public on 6 April. Rugby fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets at reasonable prices.

High demand expected before the primary Rugby World Cup 2023 ticket packs happening real-time-sale
MasterCard is offering its cardholders priority access to the presale (15-17 March)
Availability on all products guaranteed on the launch day of all sale phases. Including 18 March (for anyone within the 2023 Family) and 6 April (general public)

Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets
First Rugby World Cup 2023 ticket packs continue sale

Kick-off times confirmed for all Rugby World Cup 48 matches

Fans who have signed up for the 2023 Family are going to be ready to purchase City. And Follow My Team packs from 11:00 GMT/12:00 CET today because the phased ticket sales process starts for Rugby World Cup 2023 in France.

A record 2.6 million tickets are going to make available for the tournament. Underscoring its ambition to be the foremost accessible Rugby World Cup ever. Tickets continue the sale through a real-time phased process, starting with a pre-sale of City. And Team packs from 15 March-5 April before made available to the overall public on 6 April.

2023 Rugby World Cup Tickets Family Presale

Fans, no matter their location, have signed up for 2023. The family is going to be ready to purchase Follow My Team packs and City packs. At 11:00 GMT via the dedicated ticketing site, tickets.rugbyworldcup.com on a primary-come first-served basis.

RWC 2023 Global Partner Master card provides pre-sale cardholders (March 15-17). During which it will be the only payment solution accepted on the platform.

Availability of all products guaranteed when packs become available to the 2023 Family on 18 March at 17:00 GMT. And to the overall public on 6 April at 17:00 GMT.


With 500,000 people registered to the 2023 Family and tickets sold in real-time; demand for the world rugby Cup 2023 pinnacle tournament is predicted to surpass previous events. In the event of a high volume of fans trying to access tickets. Xchang Tickets at an equivalent time, a queue system is going to be implemented to permit fans. Who are on the ticketing website the prospect to get packs easily and without issues.

Rugby enthusiasts waiting to access the platform can choose to email a reminder when they arrive in front of the queue. Fans even have 48 hours to verify their selection and may make phased payments.


The Follow My Team Pack includes all four pool matches for a professional team, with the likelihood to get a ticket for the team’s quarter-final should it qualifies for the knockout phase. If the team does not pass the pool stage, the ticket holder will receive a full refund for the quarter-finals. Twelve Follow My Team packs are going to be available, one for every qualified nation.

The City Pack includes 3 or all billiards tournaments in 9 host cities. within the ‘three matches’ City Pack, fans are going to be ready to select two matches of their choice, while a 3rd game will come standard with every pack. For the town pack, rugby fans going to ready to attend all pool matches within the host city of their choice, excepting Saint-Denis (Stade de France) because the opening game isn’t included therein pack.

These packs going to be available until September 2022 (subject to availability), the time at which individual match tickets are going to be released. Purchased tickets are going to be downloadable a couple of weeks before the tournament.

Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets
First Rugby World Cup 2023 ticket packs continue sale


The France RWC 2023 Organizing Committee and World Rugby have also confirmed kick-off times for the competition’s 48 matches played across 10 host cities and 9 stages. Kick-off times selected to maximize fan attendance and broadcast audience, taking into consideration time zones across different continents. With matches condensed around the end of weeks, kick-off times reflect usual live sports and rugby culture in France with 24 matches played at (20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET), Reflects the model of great success at the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France.


Sir Bill Beaumont, president of World Rugby, said: “Today is the moment fans are looking forward to – the main ticket parcels are for sale. We’ve seen extraordinary levels of pleasure with half 1,000,000 fans joining the 2023 Family, all wanting to play a neighborhood in rugby’s 200th birthday celebrations.”
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Sonny Bill Williams retired: His five most memorable All Blacks games

After news broke that the two-time Rugby World Cup winner had retired from rugby. Let’s take a look at the five best games he’s played in his famous black jersey.

Rugby world cup tickets
Sonny Williams retired: His five most memorable all black games

Sonny Bill Williams has called for time in his rugby career to concentrate on his return to boxing.

After switching codes from rugby league in 2008. Williams represented New Zealand at three Rugby World Cups and lifted the Webb Ellis Cup in 2011 and 2015. He played for his country on the World Rugby Sevens Series HSBC at the Olympic Games in Rio. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Rugby World Cup tickets from xchange tickets at massive discount prices.

All Blacks jersey and watched his most memorable Rugby World Cup five games.

England 16-26 New Zealand, 6 November 2010, Twickenham

Williams played in Sydney against Toulon against Australia. But he is expected to play the entire Test match with All Blacks and arrive at Twickenham 17 months later. On the field, he became the first player in nearly 90 years to play for New Zealand vs England Rugby.

On top of that, All Blacks fans had to wait for a little over 16 minutes to understand that Williams could add to the team when he drew two disposals in midfield and provided a deft offload for Jerome Kaino’s support. Kaino again transferred the ball to Hosie Gale and New Zealand scored their first try of the match.

It was a trick that Williams almost repeated in the second half. When he ignored the attention of Mike Tindall and Sant’Anteen Happe, but the All Blacks were not available. New Zealand won the match by 10 points. And next week Williams named as the player of the match as Scotland beat their opponents 49-3 at Murrayfield.


Williams started the opening match of Rugby World Cup 2011, against Tonga in Auckland. But mainly used off the substitutes’ bench as the tournament progressed. That was the role he would once again fulfill when the All Blacks returned to Eden Park to contest the final against France.

New Zealand beat Les Bleus 37-17 in the pool stage, with Williams scoring the team’s fifth and final try. However, the hosts suffered a variety of injuries on the road to the finals. Particularly to fly-half Dan Carter, and therefore the showpiece match would be a way tighter affair. Williams replaced Ma’aonu before the final, but All Blacks victory.


With Williams’ first contract with New Zealand RWC coming to an end, the center is starting to have an increasing impact on the team.

He started all three of the June Tests against Ireland, scoring a brace of tries within the third. Because the tourists were beaten 60-0 in Hamilton. Williams, however, saved his best performance for last after a late call-up to the All Blacks side for the primary two Bledisloe Cup matches against Australia.

Williams already committed to playing in Japan, ahead of a return to rugby league, when his All Blacks contract finished. But in back-to-back wins against the Wallabies his form suggested he only settling into the team. At Eden Park on August 25, 2012, Williams made 71 yards, beat four defenders. And provided six offloads in a player-of-the-match performance.


Williams once again used primarily as a substitute during the All Blacks’ run to the 2015 world rugby cup final. As he started only two of his side’s seven matches.

In the rugby world cup final, he replaced Conrad Smith at half-time and involved almost immediately as his offload found center partner Nonu. Who danced in the Wallabies defense and crossed the goal line from 45 yards out.

Australia rugby world cup 2023 hit back at one point to narrow their deficit to 21-17. But Williams played his part in All Blacks season. He also displayed his willingness to play, throwing an offload from a tackle to Ben Smith as time ran out. Which saw the full-back gleefully kick into touch to end the game.

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Sonny Williams retired: His five most memorable all black games


Four years later, Williams made his last appearance within the famous black jersey as he helped New Zealand win bronze in the RWC 2019 final against Wales. In the 42nd minute, fans treated to a classic piece of Williams play as he absorbed tackles from Owen Watkin and Jonathan Davies and will still find the right pop pass to Ryan Crotty on his outside.

The try helped give the All Blacks a 35-10 lead at night and ensured Williams would finish his Test career with another medal around his neck. The center ended his international career after scoring 13 tries in 58 appearances for the All Blacks, of which he won 52.

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World Rugby appoints exclusive sales agency Megapro for Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

The eighth editions of Rugby World Cup Sevens will occur at Cape Town’s iconic 57,400-seat Green Point Stadium. In what will be the first time a Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament will occur in South Africa. The Rugby World Cup fans can buy Rugby World Cup Tickets from xchange tickets exclusively.

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World Rugby appoints exclusive sale agency megapro for Rugby world cup sevens 2022

Rugby World Cup Sevens’ flagship event

 The three-day event will see 24 national men teams and 16 national women teams competed to crowned Rugby Sevens flagship event. And the success and spectacle of the event were a key factor behind the inclusion of sevens. In the Olympics program, debuted in style at Rio 2016. And will again take center stage this year as part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The 2022 World Rugby Cup sevens expected to continue the massively successful 2018 edition held at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Which attracted record attendance at a U.S. rugby event with a total attendance of more than 100,000 fans.

Record live broadcast

In addition, Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 attracts a cumulative domestic and global broadcast audience of more than 24 million and 31 million viewers. Which on the last day included a record live broadcast of 1.7 million viewers. The tournament also benefited from 22.5 million social media views on World Rugby channels.

Rugby World cup chief commercial officer Tom Hill said: “We are delighted to be working with Megapro to provide exciting opportunities for the Rugby final Sevens World Cup in 2022. Rugby World Cup Rugby Sevens is a highlight for teams and fans Rugby Sevens, with Nielsen’s latest research showing that 82 percent of South Africans are interested in rugby, and we believe that after the 2018 RWC Rugby Sevens in San Francisco, record broadcast ratings and digital engagement will be delivered.

“Since its beginning in 1999, South Africa hosted the exciting HSBC World Rugby sevens series. A rugby world cup live history and a highly dedicated fan base in rugby sevens and has a proven record of regularly selling the tournament.

Megapro, specializing in the commercialization of rights and sponsorship sales across different sports and entertainment events within South Africa. And it has been at the forefront of the sports marketing industry in South Africa for the previous 30 years.

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World Rugby appoints exclusive sale agency megapro for Rugby world cup sevens 2022

Lara Verbaan Sponsorship and Strategy Manager from Megapro

“We delighted with this special appointment to work with esteemed global entity RWCL on an event of this magnitude,” said Lara Verbaan Sponsorship and Strategy Manager from Megapro. “We have been important in the commercial success of various aspects of the game locally and look forward to drawing on this rich experience and our vast global network, which includes the quintessential on and off-field experience of ex-Springboks Sevens player Steven Hunt, to ensure the commercial success of this event.”

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Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023

All Blacks star Brodie Retallick has suggested that he is regarding the 2023 World Cup in France as his last chapter in international rugby. The second row also does not rule out ending the day but says that playing in Japan is an option after the next world tournament. Rugby fans can book Rugby World Cup Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Retallick, who has played 81 games for New Zealand since his debut in 2012, is currently on a sabbatical in Asia, playing for the Kobelco Steelers in the Top League. He is set to return to the Chiefs in 2022, which will make him available for the international team before the next World Cup, and the 29-year-old believes that the tournament could be the last for the All Blacks.

Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023
Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023

Two seasons with the Chiefs

I look forward, if everything goes according to plan, to go back to the All Blacks and play two seasons for the Chiefs, he told The XV. Realistically, they will probably be the last couple in New Zealand before I decide what to do next, be it hang up my boots or maybe go back to Japan.

“I have a rough idea in my head of how I plan to do the last third of my career, or whatever you want to call it. If that goes according to plan or if I’ve changed my mind, I’m not sure. But I have a family and a wife and kids and stuff, so you have to think about these things.”

Despite still being on the right side of 30, the outstanding forward has felt the physical damage of the sport having excelled at the highest level from a young age. Retallick was one of the stars of the New Zealand Under-20 team in 2011 and was soon a regular starter for the Chiefs in Super Rugby in 2012.

Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023
Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023

He led it to his debut with the All Blacks in the same year and has been around ever since, helping them lift the Webb Ellis Cup in 2015.

“When I came to the Chiefs, and from there, to get to the All Blacks, those first five or six years were pretty full, I played a lot of rugby,” Padlock said.

“Sometimes I would joke with people, they would say ‘Oh, you’re not that old’ and I’d say ‘Yes, but I’ve played a lot of rugby.”

“Looking back at the last two or three years, I don’t know if those kinds of injuries that started to affect me were a price for playing a lot of rugby in those early years or not, I’m not sure. But coming to Japan was definitely the result of the amount of rugby I played in those first five or six years.”

Many of the best All Blacks decide to go to Europe after his international career is over, but Retallick insists the option has never appealed to him.

Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023
Brodie Retallick hints at retirement after RWC 2023

“I have never honestly considered the northern hemisphere, he added. Either he stayed in New Zealand or he came to Japan. Obviously, you never say never, but we’ve really enjoyed our time in Japan and the Kobelco Steelers have been amazing to us with all their support and stuff. So yeah, I’m not going to say no, but I’m probably not looking to go there at all.”

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