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Taking in Qatar 2022’s atmosphere: How it feels to be dry at a World Cup

Many soccer fans throughout the world enjoy the habit of drinking alcohol before, during, and after games. However, alcohol is not being as easily accessible in Qatar in 2022.

Due to FIFA’s confirmation of an alcohol ban at the eight stadiums hosting the 2022 World Cup two days before the tournament’s start, this is the case.

While some fans applauded the decision, others, like English student Arnov Paul-Choudhury, 21, who is 21 years old, were left perplexed and frustrated.

“It’s the World Cup, its football, you need to be able to drink around the stadium,” Paul-Choudhury told CNN Sport in Doha on the day of the announcement. “I just don’t think they’re doing the right things to attract fans.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino disagreed, saying fans would “survive” not being able to drink “for three hours a day” and, on the whole, he’s been proven right.

After the World Cup began, CNN spoke to several fans about the alcohol ban, and they didn’t seem to be too bothered by it or the lack of it in the stadiums.

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“I’d normally have a few beers, but I think everyone is just getting on with it,” England fan Nick Cottrill told CNN at the FIFA Fan Festival.

“Everyone here is just really happy and there is so much negativity back home. It’s all running well,” added Cottrill who was visiting Qatar with his father, Gary.

There were one potential downside about not being able to drink at stadiums, according to the Cottrill in that from their experience matches were a bit less boisterous, though that’s not necessarily been a bad thing.

“Normally, so many people go over the top,” Gary Cottrill told CNN. “It’s fine to have alcohol, but those people who come for the sake of causing trouble and being obnoxious are being stopped from coming.”

Sourcing alcohol

Since Qatar was chosen to host the World Cup 12 years ago, the sale and use of alcohol have been a very divisive topic.

The Muslim nation is seen as being extremely conservative, and alcohol sales and consumption are strictly regulated.

Being intoxicated in public is against the law in Qatar, and offenders risk legal repercussions.

According to UK government advice on traveling to Qatar, drinking in a public place could “result in a prison sentence of up to six months and/or a fine up to 3,000 Qatar Rial ($824).”

Qatar had announced in September that it will allow ticketed soccer fans to purchase alcoholic beverages at World Cup games beginning three hours before kickoff and continuing for one hour after the final whistle, but not during the game itself.

Then, two days before the opening game, FIFA announced that no alcohol will be sold at the stadiums hosting the 64 games of the tournament. FIFA announced in a statement that only specific fan parks and other locations with permits would offer alcohol in the Doha area.

Even yet, there are still some fans that can pay to drink during games. Supporters can purchase a match hospitality package for a range of services, including alcohol, at prices ranging from $950 to $4,950 per match.

The UK government has advised that expatriates residing in Qatar can purchase alcohol through a permission system and that alcohol is also accessible at authorized hotel restaurants and bars throughout Doha.

Between 7 p.m. and 1 a.m., Budweiser beer is also sold at the FIFA Fan Festival, so attendees who wish to drink can do so without any problem.

However, many World Cup attendees who traveled great distances to be in Qatar didn’t do so to replenish their supply of alcohol.

“That’s not what we’re here for,” US fan Deya Banisakher, 30, told CNN.

Banisakher is in Doha to follow the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) with his partner, Mireya Jurado.

Like many, the couple says the restrictions around drinking outside venues have had very little impact on their trip.

“We’re here to watch the football matches, soak up the culture. The architecture is beautiful. We’re having a great time,” explained Jurado.

In the capital of Qatar, there is a noticeable sense of family, with supporters taking advantage of the city when they aren’t watching games.

The Souq Waqif neighborhood in downtown Doha is a favorite among supporters and is regularly crowded with thousands of people cheering on various teams. Even though fans are frequently crammed into small spaces, interactions are always cordial.

Of course, this could still happen if there is alcohol present, but major soccer events have in the past been marred by fan violence and hooliganism that has not yet been seen at Qatar 2022.

According to a study ordered by the English Football Association, excessive alcohol and drug usage significantly detracted from the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

A safer World Cup?

One expert claims that the absence of alcohol near stadiums during Qatar 2022 has also decreased the possibility of crowd-related issues developing into significant incidents.

“Let’s consider if you’re taking your family to watch a match,” Dr. Sean Mottaleb, senior healthcare leader who works for the emergency, crisis, and disaster preparedness team at Qatar 2022, told CNN.

“Would you feel safe if you have somebody who is intoxicated sitting next to you and they don’t have that much control over their behavior?

“I would say this event is not only for hardcore football fans, it’s for everybody. It’s for everybody around the world. Everybody has the right to enjoy; everybody has the right to feel safe.”

Mottaleb claims he is content with how the competition has played out so far in terms of security and medical concerns.

There haven’t been many crowd-related problems, and Mottaleb contends that the tournament’s decision to forbid alcohol near stadiums was made for security reasons in addition to cultural ones.

“We measure the risks associated with those who are intoxicated, and the risk becomes higher,” he said.

“Sometimes, you might have small incidents right, left and center and those incidents might lead to what we call an [snowball] effect, a major incident.

“So, since you know that there is a risk, there is a potential for harm, what would you do? You eliminate that element.”

With lots of time left before the World Cup ends on December 18, anything is possible.

However, there is a perception that this World Cup has demonstrated that soccer can be enjoyed without excessive drinking.

The fans are more amused that the matter is receiving so much attention in their home nations when all they want to see is an exciting play on the field.

Despite what Mottaleb claimed, an alcohol ban in the 2026 competition, which will be held in Mexico, the US, and Canada, is extremely unlikely. is the best website for All Sports events. Football World Cup fans can buy Football World Cup Final Tickets from our website.

Football World Cup 2022: What makes Lionel Messi Argentina’s current true leader Zabaleta, Pablo

For Lionel Messi and Argentina, nothing has been done yet.

You all witnessed the tension and anxiety we felt against Mexico up until our goal, as well as the relief we felt at the final whistle after our 2-0 victory.

After our defeat to Saudi Arabia, we were under a lot of pressure, and everyone was relieved, including Messi and the entire team as well as all of our supporters here.

In what would have been his last World Cup, Argentina’s elimination in the group stage would have been terrible and painful.

However, we are not yet in the last 16. To ensure that we make it, we must win again, this time against Poland.

It won’t be easy, and the team still has a long way to go, but after beating Mexico, hopefully, we will feel more confident.

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Naturally, we always have Messi. We are confident that we will be able to rely on him once more in Qatar given how many times we have done so.

We are aware that winning this tournament will be difficult for us. But thanks to him, at least we can once more dream about this Argentina team.

“I know how much the World Cup means to Messi”: I was there when Messi started his career with Argentina, and I hope he wins this World Cup.

I knew he would be a very special player the moment I saw him touch the ball during our first training session for the under-20 team.

Naturally, before meeting Messi, we had heard about him in Barcelona, but that was the first time he came to Argentina to play. He didn’t say much at the time, but we quickly realized how good he was after giving him a warm welcome to the team.

When he was 17 years old, he went with us to the 2005 Under-20 World Cup in the Netherlands. I was captain of Argentina, and we won the tournament together. Most of it was due to him!

Being a member of his generation makes me feel so fortunate; to have delighted in watching and playing close by him and to have imparted countless minutes to him, as a partner and as a companion.

I am aware of the hardships he has endured and the sacrifices he has made. Remember that he moved to Spain when he was only 13 years old.

Like the majority of our players, I had to leave Argentina at a young age to advance my career, and I know how difficult it was for me to adjust. However, he joined Seville as a young boy when I was 20 years old.

I know how much it means to him to represent Argentina and how badly he wants to win the greatest football trophy with us, and I am so proud of everything he has accomplished since then.

It’s always the same: Messi has to win the World Cup

Back home, there is a lot of affection for Messi right now, but that hasn’t always been the case.

After losing the World Cup final in 2014, we lost the Copa America finals in 2015 and 2016 as well.

In Argentina, this is insufficient. Reaching the final is unacceptable to some people and portions of our media. Because we had not won every game as Barcelona did at the time, Messi received a lot of criticism.

After that, he gave up and took a break from the national team to refuel, but he quickly realized how significant it was to him.

Messi wanted to come back and help us win something, even though he has won everything club football has to offer. Therefore, it was remarkable to witness him win his first major international trophy at Copa America last year.

We won it by defeating Brazil in the Maracana. It was a very special victory for us, and I loved how everyone rushed to hug Messi at the final whistle.

Even though people still expect so much from him at a World Cup, that victory relieved some of the pressure on him and stopped people from claiming that he did not play for us in the same manner as he did for his club.

It’s as if he has to win every time. Nothing else will suffice.

As a result, I am aware that he may experience mental difficulties during these tournaments; consequently, he must have the appropriate companions to assist him in relaxing.

What has changed? Messi has matured

I worked as a pundit for the BBC in Russia during the 2018 World Cup, and even from afar, A real source of concern for me was that Messi appeared to be stressed. We were eliminated early due to the team’s poor condition.

When I was with him in the Argentina team that reached the Brazil final in 2014, things were completely different. He was enjoying leading the team.

I heard Leo say before this tournament started, that the feelings he had then and the current atmosphere in the squad are similar. That is a very positive sign because it indicates that he is content and that they are still together.

I can still picture a lot of fun happening in the dressing room from my youth when I look at pictures of it now. However, there is a major distinction: Messi alone.

People had never seen him give an inspirational speech to the team before the Copa America final in 2021, and the pictures showed that he also has the leadership skills to lead this team to greatness.

The same thing happened in 2014 when Messi spoke, but he was always a little quiet and didn’t say much.

He was our captain, but Javier Mascherano took over as captain due to his character and experience. When we were getting ready for games, he was the loudest in the dressing room.

Now, Messi is the one who does that. He is more than just our best player; he is also the team’s true leader, as manager Lionel Scaloni has said many times, and he will help them get through this tough start in that way as well, not just by scoring goals.

It’s wonderful to see. He has traveled a long distance to reach this point. Naturally, anyone can move off the field and learn something new. At 35, Messi is more mature, has more experience, and is a father, but he is still an incredible footballer.

He should immediately retire if he wins this World Cup because he will have accomplished everything possible. He won’t be able to win anything left. is the best website for All Sports events. Football World Cup fans can buy Football World Cup Tickets from our website.

Costa Rica vs Germany

Costa Rica Football World Cup: Costa Rica vs Germany live stream choices for WC

Costa Rica Football World Cup Team will take on Germany in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clatter at the Al Bayt Stadium. The Costa Ricans will be hoping to save three points after a clash with Japan on Nov. 27.

Meanwhile, the 2014 winners will be coming from a match with Spain.

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Costa Rica Football World Cup: Costa Rica vs Germany live stream choices for WC
Costa Rica Football World Cup: Costa Rica vs Germany live stream choices for WC

Costa Rica vs Germany kickoff time

Kickoff time for Costa Rica vs. Germany match is set for 2 p.m. ET on December 1 at the 60,000-seat site in Al Khor.

How to watch Costa Rica vs Germany on streaming or allowed TV

Qatar World Cup 2022 fans in the U.S. have a choice of choices when it comes to live-streaming games at the tournament.

You can watch each game on the FOX Sports (opens in a new tab) family of networks, which are the official English-language broadcast spouse in the United States.

The Costa Rica vs. Germany match will be shown on FS1, with broadcasters Telemundo and Universo presenting on the game.

Fans who favor using live TV streaming services have options including FuboTV (opens in a new tab), Sling TV (opens in a new tab), and, YouTube TV (opens in a new tab).

Those looking to stream the competitions online in English can use the Fox Sports App (opens in a new tab) for $19.99 per month. Spanish utterers can use Peacock Premium (opens in a new tab), which is $4.99 per month – however, it will contain ads. Ad-free Premium Plus costs $9.99 monthly. Football fans can book Costa Rica Vs Germany Tickets from our website.

When are the other Group E competitions?

Teams will be hoping to get enough points in their three group-stage games to save a spot in the knockout stages.

The winner of Group E will play the runners-up in Group F, whereas the team that comes second place will play its winners.

Group F holds Croatia, Canada, Morocco, and Belgium.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 23: Germany vs. Japan
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23: Spain vs. Costa Rica
  • Sunday, Nov. 27: Japan vs. Costa Rica
  • Sunday, Nov. 27: Spain vs. Germany
  • Thursday, Dec. 1: Costa Rica vs. Germany
  • Thursday, Dec. 1: Japan vs. Spain

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Canada boss John Herdman says he will be theft himself in Qatar World Cup

Canada Football World Cup: John Herdman confesses that, just for a second. He will need to pinch himself when he guides his Canada side out to face Belgium in their first gentlemen’s World Cup finals game in 36 years.

Taking on the team ranked second in the world. Which comprises the likes of Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, and Romelu Lukaku, is a tough task. Even when your team includes Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David, two of the top young aptitudes playing in Europe.

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But consider Herdman’s background.

A 47-year-old from the north-east steelmaking town of Consett, with no playing context, only got into training. When he took charge of a local under-11 team as a share of his Duke of Edinburgh award when he was a teen-age and emigrated to New Zealand in his 20s when he realized there was no chance he would be given a chance in the professional game in England.

Canada Football World Cup

“I will pinch myself,” Herdman says of Canada’s Group F opener at the 44,000-ability Al-Rayyan Stadium on 23 November.

In New Zealand, Herdman moved from being a coach education director to taking charge of the women’s national side. Where he began to build his standing. Then it was on to Canada, where he led the women’s team to consecutive bronze medals at the Olympics. Before switching to the men’s game and securing the country’s second Football World Cup arrival.

He accepts his unconventional journey brings an element of the phony syndrome. But Herdman doesn’t feel it is exclusive to him.

“Everyone suffers with this at some point,” he said.

“I remember first flying into Vancouver thinking I was going to be at an exercise session with the greatest of all time in her craft, Christine Sinclair, and that I’d never functioned with that type of athlete before and how was I going to do it?

Qatar World Cup

“But I was listening to a podcast where Hugh Jackman spoke about imposter syndrome. I just thought if Wolverine can have it, I can too! I’m not ashamed to admit it and I’m sure I will feel that way when De Bruyne walks past.

“But if you’re willing to admit that stuff, you work harder to fill the gaps and innovate.”

Canada’s progress to Qatar was smoother on the field than off it.

A dispute in June over expenditures forced a friendly with Panama to be scrapped at short notice and while matches have taken place since the association between Herdman and his squad and Canada Soccer leftovers uneasy. To know more about Croatia Vs Canada Tickets click here.

For anything to take the focus away from Herdman’s squad is a shame.

That he switched from the women’s team to the men’s was hugely controversial in Canada. To then declare a belief his team would qualify for Qatar was bold.

“You must commit the mind to go all in,” he said. “I’d always been clear that we’d podium with the women’s team. With the men’s, no one had ever said ‘we’re going to qualify before. One of the senior guys said ‘you’ve put a noose around your neck my response to that was ‘good’. If I commit the mind, the players will see that – and the process, the systems, and the play style – and they will believe.”

It was probably not until Matchday eight of a 14-game final qualifying group. That it became apparent Canada had a realistic chance of making their first World Cup since 1986.

Qatar Football World Cup

In front of 44,000 on a freezing but memorable night in Edmonton, in a game dubbed ‘Iceteca’. When the temperature at kick-off was -9C and snow had to be cleared from the pitch to allow it to go ahead. Canada beat Mexico 2-1. It was their first qualification win against El Tri since 1976 and took them to the top of the group, a position they were never to lose.

“Concacaf teams will do anything to qualify but we would roll out the red carpet for teams,” said Herdman.

“But it’s our terrain. We can control that and change the mentality. When we go to Mexico, we go into altitude, in the Azteca, with the heat. So when Mexico came here, it was on a plastic pitch and -13 at one point. There is a phrase ‘getting Concacaf-ed’. Well, we did it to Mexico for the first time.”

Canada’s comfort blanket comes from the knowledge their appearance in Qatar should not be a one-off. They are one of three co-hosts – along with the USA and Mexico – for the 2026 tournament and are expected to be awarded a place automatically by the world governing body Fifa.

Nevertheless, doing better than in 1986,

Nevertheless, doing better than in 1986, when they failed to score a goal or get a point, is demanded.

That should not be too difficult, especially as Bayern Munich’s Davies has recovered from the heart issue that kept him out for three months at the start of the year.

Davies is unquestionably the pin-up boy of Canadian football. And Herdman thinks the 22-year-old can be a major influence on the development of the game in a country he has called home since 2005. When he arrived as a refugee after his parents fled war-torn Liberia, initially for Ghana, where he was born.

“He’s been the game-changer,” said Herdman. “He symbolizes the new Canada.

“Many people in Canada can’t find an outlet so Alphonso has become the portal for them to express themselves and enjoy football.

“He’s a generational talent. He’s special.”

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Live World Cup 2022 action includes teams like Argentina and France

Welcome to day three of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

During today’s group stage, eight teams will compete against one another. Saudi Arabia vs. Argentina, Denmark vs. Tunisia, Mexico vs. Poland, and Australia vs. France.

Driven by hotshot Lionel Messi, Argentina has been broadly seen as an area of strength. For to become World Cup champions for the third time.

The players under Coach Lionel Scaloni are aware that a convincing victory. Saudi Arabia is not only desired but also expected by its countless supporters.

Herve Renard, Saudi Arabia’s manager, will be fully aware of the scope of the challenge that lies ahead. But his team may be encouraged by their successful qualification campaign.

Salem Al-Dawsari, Saudi Arabia’s talisman, will pose the greatest threat with his inventive wing play.

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Have ticketing app issues been resolved?

FIFA made an announcement yesterday saying it was attempting to fix tagging issues on its devoted application.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Rhys reported that FIFA had to rely on emailing fans with the required QR codes as a result of the issues, Which slowed down crowds of fans attempting to enter stadiums during the three matches that were held on Monday.

Are you able to predict outcomes better than our AI bot?

Kashef, the artificial intelligence match predictor for Al Jazeera, is back at it.

Our bot strongly predicts that Argentina will defeat Saudi Arabia today at 1 p.m. (GMT) at Lusail Stadium, giving La Albiceleste (the white and blue) a 72% chance.

In addition, Kashef anticipates a crushing victory when France and Australia clash later tonight at Al Janoub Stadium at 10 p.m. (19 GMT).

In the meantime, our bot gives Mexico an advantage over Poland, And Denmark an advantage over Tunisia with a 28% chance of a draw.

Saudi fans arrive in Qatar for Argentina match

Except for, of course, the host nation, Saudi Arabian fans have the shortest commutes of any nation participating in this year’s tournament.

The organizers have set up park-and-ride bus service in Saudi. Border for the only competitor or nation that shares a land border with Qatar. At Lusail Stadium, the team will take on Argentina at 12:00 p.m. (GMT +10:00).

During the tournament, Saudi Arabia is anticipated to have one of the highest fan attendance rates. Additionally, this presentation reflects the region’s shifting political climate. The crisis that saw Qatar’s neighbors blockade it beginning in June 2017 came to an end just last year when the two countries restored their relations.

Amid crisis, Argentina hopes for glory

During the tournament this year, Argentina is widely regarded as a formidable opponent. As the nation struggles with prolonged economic uncertainty, the team has assumed an enormous amount of significance at home.

“I hope with all my heart that we win,” Marina Leon, who owns a family-run bar in Buenos Aires, told Al Jazeera. “To give people a little bit of joy. People have really been struggling because of the economic situation we’re in.”

Argentina, led by captain and superstar Lionel Messi, will take Saudi Arabia on in their first match on Tuesday.

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‘Just simple football boys’

As anti-government protests continue in the country, the coach of Iran does not like the political pressure that some fans are putting on his team.

“To those who come to disturb the team with issues that are not only about the football opinions, they’re not welcome because our boys, they’re just simple football boys,” coach Carlos Queiroz, a Portuguese national, told a news conference after the match.

“Let the kids play the game. Because this is what they’re looking for. They wanted to represent the country, to represent the people, as any other national team that are here. And all the national teams, there are issues at home.”

What happened yesterday?

In the midst of ongoing protests at home, Iran players remained silent during the national anthem.

In the meantime, England won 6-2 against Iran, Senegal lost 2-0 to the Netherlands, and the USA vs. Wales match ended 1-1.

European teams abandon the One Love armband amid pressure from FIFA.

Tuesday at the World Cup in 2022:As Argentina and Lionel Messi begin their campaigns. France begins their title defense against Australia on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Denmark faces Tunisia at 1 p.m. in the other Group D matchup; At 10 a.m. Lionel Messi and Argentina begin their Group C matchup against Saudi Arabia. Mexico plays Poland in the other Group C opener at 4 p.m. on Day 3. On Day 3 of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, defending champions France and one of the heavy favorites, Argentina, begin their campaigns.

After defeating Croatia in the World Cup final in 2018, Didier Deschamps’ team hopes to become the first team. Brazil in 1958 and 1962 won the tournament twice.Les Bleus begin their defense against Australia, while Denmark plays Tunisia in the other Group D opener.

Day three begins with Argentina and Lionel Messi’s World Cup bid as they face Saudi Arabia in their Group C opener, followed by Mexico’s matchup with Poland in the same group.

Team news

As Argentina prepares to face Saudi Arabia, star Lionel Messi has denied reports of a pre-tournament injury.

The PSG star has been seen in recent training with padding on his right ankle, but Messi says he doesn’t have anything on him for the Group C opener.

“No issues whatsoever,” said Messi, who was pictured at practice with extra padding on the inside of his right ankle.

“I heard there were rumors of having to miss part of training or be away from the team because of a blow, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

Prior to their match against Argentina, Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard is unconcerned about the fact that two of the team’s goalkeepers have not seen much action this season.

Renard did not say who will be the Green Falcons’ starting goalkeeper. But Muhammad Al-Owais has played 42 times for the national team, while Muhammad Al-Yami has only played seven times.

“The goalkeeper who will play tomorrow’s match has played 17 World Cup qualifiers so there is absolutely no problem,” the Frenchman told a news conference on Monday. The third goalkeeper in the squad, Nawaf Al-Aqidi, is still waiting for his debut with the national team.

Renard also stood by his decision to exclude seasoned custodian Abdullah Al-Mayouf, who said he would retire in 2019 before reversing his decision and saying he was available for selection.

Playmaker Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest in Denmark. Euro 2020 opener in Copenhagen last year but has since fully recovered, will win his own World Cup opener against Tunisia.

“We are all happy and thankful that Christian is here after what happened,” Danish captain Simon Kjaer said.

“As a football player, probably one of the best I’m ever seen in terms of quality and love of the game. Every minute he plays, it’s only a plus for Denmark.”

Anis Ben Slimane at Brondby and Issam Jebali at Odense are Tunisia’s two Danish league players. The latter claims that he has not been able to provide any special insight into Tuesday’s opponents because the Tunisian technical team has been meticulous in their planning.

“We have a great technical staff and they have prepared well for the game.” Jebali said knowing the Danish set-up, how they play, and even how they think. We have a very good chance, we are a good squad. Are we trust each other and have a good team spirit.”

Prior to Mexico’s opener against Poland, the fitness of forward Raul Jimenez remains a concern. is the best website for all sports and Qatar Football World Cup Tickets.

Spain team When will Spain be present in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup? The entire news in this article

This year’s Football World Cup in Spain will feature a somewhat diversified style. Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Andrés Iniesta, or David Silva are not likely to be on the team. Look for young people like Pedri González, Gavi Páez, and Nico Williams in its place. Football fans can buy Spain Football World Cup Tickets from our website.

Spain is making a very young effort to try to win soccer’s top honour and hoist a significant trophy for the first time since 2012. 19-year-old Pedri has established himself with the national team. Pedri won the Kopa Trophy for the best under-21 player the season before Gavi, now 18, became the newest player to make his debut and score for “La Roja” at the age of 17.

Williams, who turned 20 in July, has rapidly expanded his position after excelling in his first two matches in the World Cup qualifiers. Additionally, there are two 19-year-olds: Jeremy Pino and Ansu Fati, but the latter recently missed the squad due to his lack of playing time with Barcelona.

Nearly half of the team’s team in Qatar is set to be 25 or younger.

“The youngsters have the incredible aptitude and can add a lot to the squad,” 30-year-old forward Pablo Serbia told The Related Press.

Spain coach Luis Enrique, successful into his first World Cup in the position, has not been shy about calling up youngsters but will equilibrium it out with the experience of players like Sergio Busquets, César Azpilicueta, Koke Resurrección, Dani Carvajal and Jordi Alba — all 30 or older.

“We have a group of youths and some veterans who we feel can face any rival,” Luis Enrique said.

Luis Enrique has apparently narrowed his list onwards, with Álvaro Morata, Ferran Torres, Marco Asensio, Pablo Serbia, and Pino consuming their sports practically secured. Making late pushes are Williams and Borja Iglesias, while behind out will likely be veteran Iago Aspas, the often-injured Gerard Moreno, and Fati, who has not frolicked often with Barcelona.

Raúl de Tomás is probably out as well because he will not get to production for the new club Rayo Vallecano until January. Luis Enrique said he has a list of 40 players that might play for the national team but is not expected to take the allowable 26 for the World Cup because he doesn’t like to have too many players in the squad who won’t get an important number of minutes.”

Spain hasn’t won a title since the 2012 European Contest

Spain hasn’t won a championship since the 2012 European Contest, although it has recently performed well, making it to the semifinals of Euro 2020 and the States League final last year while falling to France and Italy, respectively.

As Spain changed generations, few had predicted that it would win those games, but Luis Enrique assembled a modest team. Just days before the team’s debut, Julen Lopetegui was humiliatingly fired, marking Spain’s last World Cup appearance.

After defeating Portugal in the final round of the Nations League group stage and making it to the Final Four for the second consecutive year, the team will enter the World Cup this year with more assurance.

After Euro 2016, Lopetegui had guided Spain to a 20-run unbeaten streak, but he was abruptly fired for accepting the Real Madrid training job without informing the Spanish football organisation in advance.

The quick shift in leadership cost money as Spain’s round-of-16 loss to host Russia on penalties demonstrated. Spain performed much worse in Brazil in 2014, failing to advance past the group round.

Manager: Luis Enrique

Spain’s World Cup record:


Is this Luis Enrique’s final attitude with Spain? Will he join Barcelona or Atletico? Breaking depressed his options

The football world will be ready for it when Luis Enrique names his Spain selection for the World Cup on Friday. This Teflon-tough, obstinate individual dares to defy expectations and lives to annoy his numerous foes.

We’re talking about someone who gains strength from criticism and controversy, much like Popeye did after consuming a can of spinach in a cartoon. Football fans can Spain Vs Germany Tickets from our website.

So when Spain’s coach announces the 26 selected players, everyone will be waiting to see if the colourful but injured Ansu Fati, who was cut from the previous squad, will go to Qatar, if the trainer and 36-year-old defender Sergio Ramos have made up, and if he will anger Real Societal by taking Mikel Oyarzabal despite the forward having not played since March.

However, if you are interested in the stocks of Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City, Liverpool, or any other of Europe’s cutting-edge premier clubs, you should prepare for a completely other kind of jolt. Because “Lucho” may not read out another Spain team after this one.

– Stream on ESPN+: LaLiga, Bundesliga, MLS, more (U.S.)

Given how well he has performed while under La Roja’s control — semifinalists at Euro 2020, champions in the 2021 Nations League, and twice more in the final four of the 2023 Nations League semifinal next June — and with extremely few resources.

Many supporters and onlookers throughout Spain will be praying that this isn’t the start of a protracted goodbye. However, the reality is that this talented, ambitious, and assertive 52-year-old is no longer in a working relationship with the Spanish FA following the World Cup.

So far, every request to extend his contract has been rejected. The message that Atleti is desperately trying to deal with the falling returns of the Diego Someone administration by asking Luis Enrique if he would like to return to club football once his work in Qatar is complete is already being beaten out loud by the drums of Spanish football.

The culmination of it all occurred a few days ago when Valencia, a former Real Madrid player. Santiago Canizares, the goalie for the national team, added on the radio: “Perhaps.

The optimum outcome for “Cholo” [Simeone] and Atletico is for their courses to diverge in order to prevent a festering situation. They haven’t produced quality football in a few seasons. One name stands out as the one who will be handling Atleti, and that is Luis Enrique.

I also know a La Liga champion and European Cup qualifier with a significant Barça history. If Luis Enrique appears to be returning to club football, who believes that? Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, would therefore be faced with a difficult decision on whether to timepiece such an iconic. Player and coach for Camp Noun debate whether to re-hire one of his adversaries or go in for the kill.

The counterpoint right now is that Spain’s coach likes a very attractive lifestyle

The coach of Spain loves is the current counterargument. Spending time with the family in his Mediterranean village is a highly alluring way of life. the capacity to maintain his nearly compulsive urge to remain competitive, fit, trim, and healthy.

He can throw all of his during short bursts of intense football play. A project’s energy without the daily. All elite club coaches experience paper wear and tear on a monthly basis.

His Spain team, though, is very dependent on Gavi, the overused and underappreciated Barcelona midfielder. In a group play in Qatar, Sergio Busquets and Pedri compete against Costa Rica, Germany, and Japan. There is, in actuality.

A very alluring “career net” chance to win the cup against either Croatia as early as June. Italy or the UEFA States League hosts Netherlands in 2019.

It’s simple to picture Luis Enrique extending his contract till then or longer. However, listing the clubs from which he would be free to depart. if they gave him the option to succeed them as coach. What does this entail in terms of power? To put it simply, any club is interested in hiring him, either now or for the 2023–24 campaign. should be competing for space right now. is the best website for all sports and Spain Vs Costa Rica Tickets.

Football World Cup

Iran legend Daei will not join Football World Cup amid protests

Tehran, Iranian football legend Ali Daei will not travel to Qatar for the 2022 Football World Cup in unity with those participating in anti-government complaints. Which are in their eighth week despite a crackdown and internet limits.

The 53-year-old former player, one of the country’s most familiar sports figures, wrote to his 10.6 million fans on Instagram late on Monday that he has declined an invitation by football’s governing body FIFA and the Qatar Football Federation to travel with his wife and sons

“in these days when most of us are not well”.

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Iran legend Daei will not join Football World Cup amid protests
Iran legend Daei will not join Football World Cup amid protests

Daei, now a football manager and manufacturer, said he did it to “be by your side in my homeland and express my sympathy with all the relations who have lost loved ones these days” in a post that conventional two million likes within hours nevertheless a ban on Instagram amid a nationwide regulating of the internet.

Iran football World Cup

Protests exploded across Iran after the September 16 death in the care of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman. Who was detained in Tehran by the morality police for allegedly wearing her hijab indecorously. Daei, was the world’s top international goal scorer with 109 goals until his best was broken by Cristiano Ronaldo last year. Has also spoken in support of the protests before.

The former captain of the Iranian national football team and ex-Bundesliga player was also at odds with establishments last month. When he refuted an official claim. That a female school schoolchild in his hometown of Ardabil had died of pre-existing circumstances in a case that officials said was unrelated to the complaints despite media reports.

An image of Daei circulated on social media late on Sunday, which seemed to show him in the vicinity of the Dey General Hospital in Tehran. Where confined activist Hossein Ronaghi was supposed to have been taken after his health worsened. Numerous videos online showed complaints around the hospital.

Ronaghi was under arrest for speaking out against the crackdown on the complaints. During which hundreds of people have been arrested. And dozens have expired. No official casualty figures are available. The Iranian judiciary then showed an image of Ronaghi in a hospital bed, meeting his mother, and he was later taken back to prison. The Iranian national team, which long-established its squad late on Sunday, arrived in Qatar on Monday and began exercise early on Tuesday.

Carlos Queiroz

Escorted by head coach Carlos Queiroz, team memberships met with President Ebrahim Raisi and other officials in Tehran hours. Before leaving for the Football World Cup.

“Some don’t want to see the achievement and victory of Iranian youth and wish to disturb your focus. Be very watchful on this,” the leader warned them.

Numerous athletes have shown unity with the protests. Meanwhile, amid claims that Tehran has armed Russia for the war in Ukraine, campaigners abroad. And in Ukraine have separately called for the exclusion of Team Melli, Iran’s national football team, from the competition. Fans can buy England vs Iran Tickets from our website.

Carlos Queiroz
Carlos Queiroz

Iran is at war with its people. Fifa won’t let that indulge their Football World Cup

Certain governments, such as Syria and Myanmar, kill their people. Some, such as Russia, kill people in other republics, such as Ukraine. Iran’s government is doing it together, home and away. Now, busy into action by this fatal regime, Iran’s national football squad is about to play England, Wales, and the US in the 2022 Qatar World Cup – as if nonentity untoward were happening. This is not OK. In truth, it’s disgraceful.

To assist fans itinerant to Qatar for the England-Iran match on 21 November and other Group B fixtures, here’s a brief programmer guide to recent proceedings off the pitch. Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman, was compressed to death in police custody in Tehran in September after her arrest for allegedly breaking rules on obligatory head coverings. In the ensuing nationwide protests – which are continuing – Iran’s security forces have killed hundreds of people and imprisoned nearly 10,000. Demands for reform have been forbidden out of hand.

Qatar Football World Cup

Hardliners say the protestors should be executed. That would be nothing out of the ordinary for a regime infamous for human rights abuses. Foreign hostage-taking, and assassination plots. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, does not stop at terrorizing young women. By providing swarms of “kamikaze” drones to Russia, and allegedly ballistic missiles, too. The aging dictator is helping Vladimir Putin’s forces kill and maim Ukrainian children and create a caring disaster this winter.

Khamenei’s regime, which has armed ties to North Korea and Syria, as well as Russia, and is regarded by Israel as an existential threat, seems determined to acquire nuclear weapons-making capability. Tehran delayed last-ditch European labors to resuscitate the 2015 UN-backed nuclear deal. Specialists say Iran can now produce enough fissile material to shape a bomb in less than seven days.

Iran’s players are awkwardly aware of regime efforts to use football (and them) to current a normal face to the world. And sidetrack attention from the crisis at home. Sardar Azmoun, a star striker, castigated the mullahs on Instagram. “Shame on you for so easily killing our persons and long live the women of Iran,” he wrote. Teammates have also censured the regime.


Yet there’s little unwillingness that Team Melli, as the national side is known, will show up in Doha. Penalties for refusing to play would be impressive and there appears no prospect of a boycott. For different reasons, the England, USA, and Wale teams will also seemingly do as they are told. National respect and a great deal of money are pale. Governmentally speaking, it would be next to unbearable to pull out now. Humanly speaking, it’s sickening.

How is it acceptable to play games with a republic at war with its people and indirectly, with you and your friends? Gianni Infantino, president of Fifa, world football’s leading body, gave his tin-eared answer this month. He pleaded with the 32 countries’ rival in Qatar to “focus on the football” and leave “politics” out of it.

“We know football does not live in a vacuum,” Infantino wrote.

“But gratify do not allow football to be dragged into every philosophical or political battle that exists … At Fifa, we try to respect all opinions and beliefs. Without giving out moral lessons to the rest of the world.”

Given its history of corruption and racketeering, the idea of Fifa giving out “moral lessons” to anyone is pathetic. But set that to one cross for now. Fans can buy Iran Vs USA Tickets from our website.

Infantino did not address calls for Iran to be thrown out of the Football World Cup.

Evocatively, Infantino did not speech calls for Iran to be thrown out of the World Cup. And he also ignored the typical political action taken by Fifa itself in February, when it excluded Russia after its Ukraine attack. Other examples include the ostracism of apartheid-era South Africa, and the banning of the Yugoslavia/Serbia squad from the internet This “Don’t look up” strategy has unavoidably sucked Qatar into a disagreement over migrant workers’ rights and, more lately, over archaic arrogances to LGBTQ+ fans.

Infantino did not address calls for Iran to be thrown out of the Football World Cup.
Infantino did not address calls for Iran to be thrown out of the Football World Cup.

 An aggressive claim last week by a Qatar World Cup “ambassador”. That homosexuality arises from “damage in the mind” crystallized the problem. Despite some progress, “human rights abuses [in Qatar] persist on an important scale,” Amnesty International reported last month.

“If Gianni Infantino wants the world to ‘focus on the football’ … Fifa could finally start undertaking serious human rights subjects rather than brushing them under the carpet,”

said Amnesty’s head of financial and social justice, Steve Cockburn.

“It is amazing they still have not done so.”

Ten European football associations, including the English and Welsh FAs, are demanding Fifa and Qatar do more. A joint declaration included an important, even historic statement.

“Embracing diversity and tolerance also mean secondary human rights. Human rights are worldwide and they apply everywhere,” it said.

Football World Cup

That’s certainly true. So if for no other reason, constancy requires that Saudi Arabia, another World Cup qualifier and serial human rights abuser. Also, face stricter scrutiny. The Saudi regime has turned Qatar-style sport washing – standing laundering – into a successful industry through lavish sponsorship of international sporting events. And the acquisition of the English Premier League club Newcastle United.

Yet egregious Saudi human rights abuses, including mass implementations and torture, persist. Will the unlawfully jailed Leeds University student, Salma al-Shehab, and other Saudi and Iranian party-political prisoners be watching the footie from their cells? Unlikely.

Scrub the paeans to “worldwide rights”. Forget hyped-up talk of an “exceptional global carnival” and “unparalleled festival of football”.

As a sight of human self-deception, disassociation, and obvious hypocrisy, the 2022Qatar World Cup is a genuine world whisk.

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Costa Rica Football World Cup

Costa Rica Football World Cup: Main players, injuries, & prediction

Costa Rica Football World Cup: When in Costa Rica heading into their third straight World Cup competition hoping to replicate their success of 2014? The one-time quarter-finalists couldn’t maintain that impetus in 2018 as they tumbled out in the group phase and will be hoping to avoid that fate in a devilishly tricky. Group E also comprises Spain, Germany, and Japan.

Here’s what to expect from Costa Rica at the World Cup.

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At the 2014 Football World Cup, Navas received a move to Real Madrid, and the 35-year-old leftovers one of the game's top goalkeepers,
At the 2014 Football World Cup, Navas received a move to Real Madrid, and the 35-year-old leftovers one of the game’s top goalkeepers,

Rica group competitions?

  • Spain vs Costa Rica (November 23, 16:00 GMT)
  • Japan vs Costa Rica (November 27, 10:00 GMT)
  • Costa Rica vs Germany (December 1, 19:00 GMT)
  • Costa Rica vs Spain H2H record: Played 3, Drawn 1, Lost 2
  • Costa Rica vs Japan H2H record: Played 4, Drawn 1, Lost 3
  • Costa Rica vs Germany H2H record: Played 1, Lost 1

Who is in Costa Rica’s complete 26-player squad for the Football World Cup?

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas (Paris Saint-Germain), Esteban Alvarado (Herediano), Patrick Sequeira (CD Lugo)

Defenders: Francisco Calvo (Konyaspor), Juan Pablo Vargas(Millonarios FC), Kendall Waston (Saprissa), Oscar Duarte (Al-Wehda), Daniel Chacon (Colorado Rapids), Keysher Fuller (Herediano), Carlos Martinez (San Carlos), Bryan Oviedo (Real Salt Lake), Ronald Matarrita (Cincinnati)

Midfielders: Yeltsin Tejeda (Herediano), Celso Borges (Alajuelense), Youstin Salas (Saprissa), Roan Wilson (Grecia), Gerson Torres (Herediano), Douglas Lopez (Herediano) Jewisson Bennette (Sunderland), Alvaro Zamora (Saprissa), Anthony Hernandez (Puntarenas FC), Brandon Aguilera (Nottingham Forest), Bryan Ruiz (Alajuelense)

Forwards: Joel Campbell (Leon), Anthony Contreras (Herediano) Johan Venegas (Alajuelense)

Which Costa Rica players are missing the Football World Cup through wound?

There’s one worry for Costa Rica, and it’s a huge one. Star goalkeeper Keylor Navas has been comprised in the squad despite picking up a back wound in November. Which kept him out of action for PSG in the build-up to the tournament. The veteran stopper hasn’t played a minute of club football this season, so even if he recuperates in time for the competition, he’s hardly at full strength.

Who are Costa Rica Football World Cup’s best players?

Keylor Navas

At the 2014 Football World Cup, Navas received a move to Real Madrid, and the 35-year-old leftovers one of the game’s top goalkeepers. Even if he has been benched at the club level. Navas has 107 appearances for his republic to his name.

Joel Campbell

Previous Arsenal man Joel Campbell now plays his club football in Mexico with Leon. He has a whopping 118 caps for his country and has achieved a respectable 25 goals and 22 assists.

Bryan Ruiz

Now 37, Bryan Ruiz wears the skipper’s armband for Costa Rica and he’ll be crucial to their chances from an attacking midfield spot. He’s been an even for his republic for the last 18 years and is rightly hailed as one of Costa Rica’s best. To know more about Spain Vs Costa Rica Ticketsclick here.

Now 37, Bryan Ruiz wears the skipper's armband for Costa Rica and he'll be crucial to their chances from an attacking midfield spot.
Now 37, Bryan Ruiz wears the skipper’s armband for Costa Rica and he’ll be crucial to their chances from an attacking midfield spot.

Costa Rica foretold starting lineup

Under Luiz Fernando Suarez, Costa Rica has played in several creations, so it’s hard to pin them down. The 4-2-3-1 seems to have been the most mutual. But Suarez has brought out a 5-4-1 at times and may do so here against tough antagonism.

Costa Rica foretold XI: Navas; Fuller, Calvo, Vargas, Matarrita; Tejeda, Borges; Torres, Ruiz, Zamora; Campbell.

Costa Rica’s form going into the World Cup

2022 has been a good year for Costa Rica, who have misplaced just one of their 12 sports to date. They got a big friendly win over Nigeria in November and beat both Canada and the USA in succeeding. Where they also secured a 0-0 draw with Mexico – all results that will inspire sureness heading into the tournament.

Costa Rica Football World Cup’s previous five results (all competitions)

Costa Rica 2-0 Nigeria
Uzbekistan 1-2 Costa Rica
South Korea 2-2 Costa Rica
Costa Rica 1-0 New Zealand
Costa Rica 2-0 Martinique

Where will Costa Rica varnish in the Football World Cup?

In 2014, Costa Rica did the unthinkable. As they were over the top of a group that included England, Italy, and Uruguay. Inappropriately, it’ll take another miracle for them to survive this time. With Spain and Germany the heavy, heavy favorites to go through, Costa Rica will need an optimistic result against at smallest one of those sides as well as a win over Japan. Which is no easy feat in itself. The luck of the draw has not been kind to Costa Rica, who look to be gazing an early exit in the face.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Welcomed in Costa Rica

Yesterday, the Football World Cup Trophy was inwards in Costa Rica as part of its tour before the 2022 World Cup to be hosted by Qatar. Upon influx, the trophy was conservative by the President of the Republic. Rodrigo Chaves, and the head of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation, Rodolfo Villalobos. The trophy arrived after visiting South America for the past few days. Exactly, it visited Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Ecuador.

“It is one of the most recognized tournaments in the world, and it is also a tournament to unite, a competition that recognizes excellence, dedication, and courage, but particularly it is a festivity of all of us who love this lovely sport,” said President Rodrigo Chaves.

He also said he loved soccer because

“it is a sport where there is no demagogy or effect because the best side wins, and that’s how the world should be.”

The fable in charge of showing the trophy was previous Brazilian defender Lucimar da Silva Ferreira, also known as Lucio. He was crowned world winner in Korea and Japan in 2002. To know more about  Japan Vs Costa Rica Ticketsclick here.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Welcomed in Costa Rica
FIFA World Cup Trophy Welcomed in Costa Rica

“It is an honor to be on this tour with FIFA, who is doing an outstanding job, and we are grateful to everybody in Costa Rica for a warm and joyful welcome,” said the Brazilian soccer player.

The inaugural movement occurred in one of the Juan Santamaría International Airport lounges. Everyone will be able to knowledge the World Cup Tour today, November 3, at the National Stadium, where the official display will be held.

Qatar Football World Cup

This is the original trophy, which means it will be given to the next world winner in Qatar 2022; it is 36.8 centimeters high and weighs 6,142 kg, of which almost five kilos are made of 18-karat gilded. On the base, it has emblazoned all the world champions since 1974, when this trophy was first used.

“The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola invitations football fans to view the most iconic symbol in football and knowledge of the real magic of the world’s largest. Most expected sporting event – the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

The one-and-only, solid-gold Original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy, the same trophy obtainable by FIFA to the team winning the FIFA World Cup™, will be on display for fans universally to see,” pointed out FIFA. This is an excellent opportunity for all those who would like to see first-hand the trophy of the most significant event in the world of soccer.

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France Football World Cup

France aims to jiggle off Football World Cup holders’ curse of satisfaction

France Football World Cup: On July 15, 2018, France had just won the World Cup in Moscow, and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin. And Fifa president Gianni Infantino was genealogically taking turns handing out the medals. French leader Emmanuel Macron, his suit soaked after a rainstorm when Putin was briefly the only dignitary equipped with an umbrella. Buzzed around embracing each French player like a brother even kissing Kylian Mbappé on the brow.

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France Football World Cup coach Didier Deschamps had just begun his typically understated press conference. When a dozen players burst into the room. Intonation his name and spraying journalists with what seemed to be energy drinks and bubbly. The players danced, sang, vanished, then returned and did it again. Just before they finally left, their unlawful leader, Paul Pogba, shouted, “Vive la France! Vive la république!” Oh, happy days.

France Football World Cup

Now the French are cooking to defend their Qatar Football World Cup in a different world. Putin will not be handing out the awards in Qatar. And Pogba will not be receiving one: he and fellow midfielder N’Golo Kanté will miss the competition through injury. Deschamps remains France’s coach. But is now saddled with the winner’s curse: four of the past five world winners have been knocked out of the subsequent competition in the first round, including France in 2002.

How can Les Bleus, with just one win in their past six oppositions, avoid that fate? France has played three of the past six Football World Cup finals. A delightful two. But are locked is in a cycle between triumph and gratification. After they win, they get slack: 1998 was followed by 2002. And after 2006 came 2010, the French “annus horribilis” in which the team stank out the World Cup while also performing a memorable mid-competition strike.

This time, the world champions may have previously got their satisfaction out of their system. At the delayed Euro 2020 last year, they were leading Switzerland 3-1 with 10 minutes left when they stationary consecutively or intentionally. After conceding two late goals, they were knocked out on consequences. It may be sanctification if injuries force them to renew in Qatar.

Beyond the loss of Pogba and Kanté, backbones Karim Benzema,

Raphaël Varane and Lucas Hernandez may struggle for fitness. If that decreases French superiority, it should also limit satisfaction. The French are not starting the tournament with the sureness of world champions. Their three defeats in 2022 so far are before their joint worst for a calendar year.

Two of those were against Denmark, who await them again in the collection, alongside the more edible Australia and Tunisia. France’s main worry is in the center of the park: not one midfielder from 2018 is coming to Qatar Football World Cup. To know more about Tunisia Vs France Tickets click here.

The three-man midfield will be built around Aurélien Tchouaméni, 22, now recognized as a starter for both France. And his club side Real Madrid. A playmaker who can also defend — and who, in the French phrase, is “built like an eliminations man” — he appears to have it all. Juventus’s Adrien Rabiot should escort him, along with possibly Youssouf Fofana. Who debuted for France just two months ago, though the cautious Antoine Griezmann might drop back from the forward line into midfield.

At the back, injuries allowing, the 2018 team is almost intact. Hugo Lloris is playing his fourth Football World Cup in goal. While Varane, Hernandez, and right-back Benjamin Pavard all started in Russia. Either Hernandez or his newer brother Theo could start at left-back, though Lucas may instead escort Varane in central defense.

Qatar Football World Cup

 Up front, no side has more riches: Griezmann, Mbappé, and Benzema backed up by Olivier Giroud, 36. Who needs just two goals to equivalent Thierry Henry’s record of 51 for France. If wingers are required. France has Kingsley Coman and Ousmane Dembelé. Who is lastly beginning to look like the star Barcelona thought he was when they salaried Borussia Dortmund €140mn for him in 2017. To know more about France Vs Denmark Tickets click here.

France’s likely starting line-up includes six world winners as well as the winner of the Ballon d’Or for the world’s best player in Benzema. And the French system lasts to produce enough talent to staff multiple national sides: several players representing African nations, including Tunisia and Cameroon. Grew up in the suburbs of French cities. Deschamps, meanwhile, will be sniffing out satisfaction daily.

 After a decade as sélectionneur, he remains adored in France: the captain who lifted the World Cup in 1998. Yet still contrives to look like a gnomish village café owner from his native southwest. “DD” has the rank to drop any star who is not shaping up. At best, France can be the perfect mixture at this Football World Cup: humbled world winners with a dash of youth. At worst, it is 2002 all over again.

France makes a last-minute change to the Football World Cup squad before the title to Qatar

France boss Didier Deschamps has called up Marcus Thuram as the 26th and final player for the containers’ World Cup squad. Borussia Moenchengladbach forwards Thuram – the son of former France protector Lilian Thuram, who played alongside Deschamps in the lateral which won the 1998 World Cup on home soil – is the final player added to the group by the manager, who had originally named 25 players before Monday evening’s deadline.

Meanwhile injured PSG center-back Presnel Kimpembe has been replaced by Monaco’s open defender Axel Disease, who is called up to the team for the first time. Deschamps had left room for one extra team member to be added as he monitored fitness issues within his squad. And on Monday a.m. it became apparent. That Thuram will be that player. While Kimpembe was ruled out having played less than a time of football since September 18.

A tweet from France’s official Twitter account seemed to confirm the news on Thuram. Only to be swiftly deleted ahead of a declaration to come later in the day. Thuram has scored 13 goals in 17 appearances for Gladbach this season. But has failed to net in his four previous appearances for France.

Qatar Football World Cup

Deschamps confronted questions from the media at last week’s opening of the initial 25-man squad. With a specific focus on a recent decision to revert from a three-man defense to four. With young protectors such as Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konate and Arsenal’s William Saliba joining the more knowledgeable Raphael Varane of Manchester United.

“It will be four at the back,” said Deschamps last week.

“We did a lot of inspection (of recent games), and I had a lot of discussions with my staff and my players. The feelings spoken prejudiced my decision. We did some very good things in this system (with three at the back). But we were in trouble on occasion. We were often excessive even if we turned around some bad situations. To win a rivalry, you have to be solid and sensitive.

“We will have to defend well, defend healthier, not at the expense of our attacking intent. But if I choose this creation I feel we can do both. The system leads to making different choices for players. There are nine defenders in the squad — one more than usual.”

On Konate, he added: “You don’t twitch at his age in a Liverpool team who have lately been European winners by chance.”


Lucas Hernandez (Bayern Munich), Theo Hernandez (AC Milan), Axel Disasi (Monaco), Ibrahima Konate ( Liverpool ), Jules Kounde ( Barcelona ), Benjamin Pavard (Bayern Munich), William Saliba ( Arsenal ), Dayot Upamecano (Bayern Munich), Raphael Varane ( Manchester United ).

Midfielders: Eduardo Camavinga ( Real Madrid ), Youssouf Fofana (Monaco), Matteo Guendouzi (Marseille), Adrien Rabiot ( Juventus ), Aurelien Tchouameni (Real Madrid), Jordan Veretout (Marseille).

Forwards: Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich), Olivier Giroud (AC Milan), Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona), Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Christopher Nkunku (RB Leipzig), Marcus Thuram (Borussia Moenchengladbach).

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Qatar World Cup a step on the road for Germany

While Hansi Flick has worked behind the scenes before, his first Germany Football World Cup as head coach will show how far-off he’s taken this German team. But the eventual goal may well be in the future.

When Hansi Flick takes charge of the German national team on August 1, 2021 . He present at birth a side which had just been knocked out of the European Championships at the quarterfinal stage by England.

Hansi Flick gave Jamal Musiala his chance with Bayern Munich and will now count on him with Germany Football World Cup

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His predecessor Joachim Low had stepped down, as planned, after 15 years at the wheel.

Flick was tasked by the German Football relationship (DFB) with a reconstruct which was not only essential but long-overdue. Since their achievement in Brazil in 2014 and a decent enough run to the semifinals of Euro 2016 in France, Germany had ceased to be a genuine force on the world stage.

The historic disaster of Russia 2018, when Germany as reigning world champions finished bottom of their group behind South Korea, Mexico and Sweden, and Low’s failure to make any real improvement between then and Euro 2020, made it clear that something had to change.

“Our aim is to return to the summit of the game,” announced brush at his official promotion last summer. It won’t be easy but we have enormous superiority and will do all we can to get back to the pinnacle.

As for what that would engage: “We need the very best players to play for the national team, but we also want to give youth a chance

Blend of youth and experience

On Thursday, the 57-year-old announce his squad for his first major tournament as head coach. Flick’s selection contained a few surprise but he remained true to his word. In addition to recognized national players for instance Thomas Müller, Antonio Rüdiger and Joshua Kimmich, Flick has handed youngsters like Southampton’s Armel Bella Kotchap and Borussia Dortmund’s Youssoufa Moukoko a chance. “Youssoufa is developing well.

But how has Flick changed the national team in his 16 months in charge? Broadly careful a good conversationalist, he has manage to win over the often-critical German fans quickly

A new epoch began in September [last year] with the change of coach. We have not had that in Germany Football World Cup as 2006. So that is something important, Thomas Muller said about the job Flick and his coaching team have done.

The premature results of his sovereignty may well have contribute to that feel good factor. Twelve goals for and nothing against in the first three games was a flying start. Five more victories followed, meaning Flicrecord for longest winning line after taking charge of Germany. But it’s pale to say Liechtenstein, Armenia, North Macedonia or even Iceland are not the stiff of opposition.

Germany racked up the goals early in Flick’s reign

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When they stepped up a notch against the Netherlands, England and Italy, results were not quite as persuasive, with a cord of 1-1 draws followed by a 5-2 win over Italy and 1-0 loss to Hungary. pundit were starting to question performance but Flick stayed firm.

We must not lose self-assurance in the team and we’re not doing that either. I have complete self-assurance, said the 57 year old before the 3-3 draw in England, which was Germany’s last match before heading to the middle east.

Preparations not ideal

The tight agenda caused by the World Cup being played in Qatar.Iinjuries to key men has given Flick less time to get ready than he would’ve liked. Some of the players also have other belongings on their minds, from the association and from the Champions union they are also under a lot of pressure, he said.

The outcome of this is clear. Germany lack constancy. Permanence in defense and extravagance in attack are still the biggest problems. Only Antonio Rüdiger from Real Madrid, Manchester City’s Ilkay Gündogan and Bayern’s Joshua Kimmich, Müller, Leon Goretzka and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer are constants in Flick’s team. 

As has been the case for some time, Germany also lack an knowledgeable and prolific striker. After Timo Werner & Lukas Nmecha were lined out by injury,  Müller, Bremen’s Niclas Füllkrug or Mario Götze, the scorer of the winner in the 2014 World Cup final who has been recalled to the squad, are the knowledgeable options. Moukoko, only (17), might even be the surprise starter up top.

In midfield, Flick is blemished for choice, but will be able to rely on the Bayern core of Goretzka.

Kimmich, Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musiala. There is no shortage of talented persons in the German set up, but this is not a well-grooved team.

Looking to Euro 2024

But it is likely that all of Flick’s aims won’t be found in Qatar in any case.

Though winning is, of course, important, the development of his team is still the main concern, and the long-term goal is the Euros on home soil in 2024. It possible a good time to turn out to be European champions again (28) years following my winning goal in 1996, said Germany’s team manager Oliver Bierhoff in an interview with Spox.

In Qatar, Germany’s task is clear: not to make self-conscious themselves and, with a bit of luck, make it to the quarter or semifinals.

World champions France, Brazil and England are too strong to be expecting much more. But in arrange to vie for the trophy in two years, young players like Musiala, Nico Schlotterbeck , Moukoko or Bella Kotchap can “warm up” in the Qatar sun.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Group D – Eintracht Frankfurt v Olympique de Marseille – Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurt, Germany Football World Cup

Germany at the 2022 World Cup: who is in Hansi Flick’s 26-man squad?

November 14 – Germany will be looking to win a 5th World Cup title at the Nov. 20-Dec. 18 tournament in Qatar. Here is what you require to know about their squad:


Teams will be clever to select up to 26 players for this year’s Qatar football  World Cup after FIFA increased the maximum limit for squads by three in June, citing the unusual timing of the tournament as well as the crash of COVID-19.

Who is in Germany Football World Cup 2022 squad?

1) Goalkeepers: Manuel-Neuer (Bayern-Munich), Marc-Andre-ter-Stegen (Barcelona), Kevin-Trapp (Eintracht-Frankfurt)

Keeper-Neuer will lead the team and remains first choice for a fourth uninterrupted World Cup.

2) Defenders: Matthias-Ginter (Freiburg), Antonio-Ruediger (Real-Madrid), Niklas-Suele (Borussia Dortmund), Nico-Schlotterbeck (Borussia-Dortmund), Thilo-Kehrer (West-Ham United), David-Raum (RB Leipzig), Lukas-Klostermann, Armel-Bella-Kotchap (Southampton), Christian-Guenter (Freiburg)

Real Madrid’s Ruediger will be tasked with plugging. The holes in an absorbent backline that has reserved just one clean sheet in eight matches this year.

Soccer Football – DFB Cup – First Round – 1. FC Kaiserslautern v SC Freiburg – Fritz-Walter-Stadium, Kaiserslautern, Germany

3) Midfielders: Ilkay-Gundogan (Manchester-City), Jonas-Hofmann (Borussia-Moenchengladbach), Leon Goretzka, Serge-Gnabry, Leroy-Sane, Jamal-Musiala, Joshua-Kimmich, Thomas-Mueller (all-Bayern Munich), Julian-Brandt (Borussia-Dortmund), Mario-Goetze (Eintracht-Frankfurt)

Bayern-Munich provide a strong midfield center with Mueller, Musiala-Sane, Gnabry-Goretzka and Kimmich. Goetze, who scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final, returns to the squad.

4) Forwards: Kai-Havertz (Chelsea), Youssoufa-Moukoko (Borussia-Dortmund), Niklas-Fuellkrug (Werder-Bremen), Karim-Adeyemi Borussia-Dortmund)

Chelsea-Havertz will provide Germany with an option up front in the nonattendance of RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner.


Germany has a warm-up match against Oman on November. 16th.


Goalkeepers: Manuel-Neuer (Bayern-Munich), Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona), Kevin-Trapp (Paris      St Germain)

Defenders: Jerome_Boateng (Bayern-Munich), Matthias-Ginter (Borussia-Moenchengladbach), Jonas-Hector (Cologne). Mats-Hummels (Bayern-Munich), Joshua-Kimmich (Bayern-Munich), Marvin Plattenhardt (Hertha-Berlin), Antonio-Ruediger (Chelsea), Niklas-Suele (Bayern-Munich)

Midfielders: Julian-Brandt (Bayer Leverkusen), Julian-Draxler (Paris St Germain), Leon-Goretzka (Schalke-04). Ilkay-Gundogan (Manchester-City), Sami-Khedira (Juventus). Ton- Kroos (Real-Madrid), Thomas-Mueller (Bayern-Munich), Marco-Reus (Borussia-Dortmund), Sebastian-Rudy (Bayern-Munich), Mesut-Ozil (Arsenal)

Forwards: Mario-Gomez (VfB-Stuttgart), Timo-Werner (RB-Leipzig) is the best website for All Sports events. Football World Cup 2022 fans can buy Football World Cup Tickets from our website

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