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France Rugby World Cup

France Rugby World Cup with a positive impact

The France Rugby World Cup 2023 Organising Committee exposed this Tuesday an action plan aimed at leaving a social. And the ecological legacy that will resonate beyond the tournament. At the Académie du Climat in Paris, World Cup France 2023. And World Rugby confirmed its drive to raise the existing values for international sporting events in terms. Of social accountability, inclusion, and sustainable development.

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France Rugby World Cup with a positive impact
France Rugby World Cup with a positive impact

Four key actions have been taken acting for a sustainable and circular economy; investing in education, and training. And service; reducing the impact on the environment; fostering inclusion and accessibility for all. France 2023 also presented 15 innovative projects. Some already hurled and others soon to be deployed. Which all bring palpable proof of France 2023’s positive action.


France has applied a responsible procurement policy, based on a grid of environmental criteria. Also earmarking some of its public tenders to businesses from the social and solidarity economy. Including inclusive entities employing people with incapacities.

This willingness to have a long-term positive influence is also at the heart of the Campus 2023 program. Which will provide 3,000 young men and women with an education in sports. And entertaining industry through three modules (sports, tourism, security). Beyond emerging experts for the future. France Rugby World Cup 2023 wishes to foster a new cohort of citizens. Committed to acting for the greater good through involvement in food banks. And the collection of cigarette butts. Or recycling of mobile phones at resident rugby clubs.

Between Rugby WC 2023 quarter and semi-finals. France 2023 will organize the Worldwide Wheelchair Rugby Cup, in teamwork with World Wheelchair Rugby (WWF). A first for an RWC Organising Committee, the tournament is a chance to give unprecedented visibility to a spectacular. Inclusive, and mixed sport.

Amongst other initiatives, a green flexibility platform will be developed to offer RWC. Fans all eco-friendly travel answers available (carpooling, green taxis, scooters, electric bus…). And Rugby World Cup 2023’s medals will be produced from recycled electronic mechanisms.

France has applied a responsible procurement policy,
France has applied a responsible procurement policy,


To achieve the Rugby World Cup ambition to have an optimistic impact. It will require everyone involved to play their part, from host cities to fans. Players to competition officials, and media to commercial associates. Through its Players’ Committee chaired by John Eales. France 2023 will invite Rugby WC 2023’s 660 players to partake in creativities with a positive impact, both on and off the pitch.

Already a signatory of the French Ministry of Sports and WWF’s charter for accountability. And sustainable generous events (“15 engagements éco-responsables des événements sporty”). France 2023 has also committed to measuring. And issuing the impact of its CSR action plan through teamwork with independent experts.

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said:

“When organizing one of the world’s chiefs and best-loved sports events like Rugby World Cup. It is vital to seize the incredible opportunity to harness the power of rugby to deliver a positive and expressive impact. Much more than a chance, it is also our responsibility.Together with France, we share the desire that the Rugby World Cup can be a catalyst for optimistic change. And play an important role in the progression of modern society as a whole. The ambitious CSR strategy has been custom-made to fulfill that vision, bringing tangible proof. And presenting the roadmap to organize the most maintainable and purpose-driven Rugby World Cup ever.”

CEO Claude Atcher

France Rugby World Cup: CEO Claude Atcher said

“Rugby World Cup France 2023 wants to lead an example shift in how international sporting events are considered and delivered. As an Organising Committee, we must be aware of our role in civilization, in the world of today and tomorrow. This is our accountability. Beyond our words, we will deliver on specific proof points. I am hugely proud of our CSR strategy. Which is both ambitious and pertinent, and the action we have chosen that will benefit our society and our planet.”

CEO Claude Atcher
CEO Claude Atcher

France Rugby World Cup

The France Pare-Brise becomes an official follower of Rugby World Cup France 2023

The France Pare-Brise is joining forces with the main sporting event in the world in 2023.

France Pare-Brise is joining forces with the biggest sporting occasion in the world in 2023. 

The car window repair and spare specialist has become the Official Supporter of Rugby World Cup 2023. Which will take place in France. As a partner of local rugby for many years. France Pare-Brise is reaffirming its promise by supporting the premier men’s competition in the sport. To Know more about France Vs Namibia Tickets click here.

The France Pare-Brise network shares common standards with Rugby World Cup: team spirit, integrity, passion, and pleasantness. Through this agreement. The brand wants to be as close as possible to the fans before. And during the event; creating a promise to its customers. Its members, and its insurance partners with a program of dedicated doings.

Claude Atcher, France CEO said,

“We are pleased that France Pare-Brise and its network, who make proximity and team soul daily virtues. Are joining the France 2023 adventure. The year 2023 will be a Rugby World Cup for France’s regions. Where the memberships of France Pare-Brise are located, and who will take part in this great festivity as close to their homes as likely.” 

Pierre-Yves Desjeux, Deputy Handling Director of France Pare-Brise said:

“It is a great pride for our 192 members and their 1,000 employees to be current alongside France 2023 as an Official Supporter. It is a real opportunity to animate our network and our clientele by sharing the values of rugby and its moments of celebration and conviviality.” 

The France Pare-Brise network shares common standards with Rugby World Cup
The France Pare-Brise network shares common standards with Rugby World Cup

ABOUT FRANCE Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup will take home in France from 8 September-28 October with matches played in nine venues across 10 host cities. The competition will be the 10th men’s World Cup. And the second to be hosted by France after a memorable event in 2007.

World Cup will take home in a year. When the sport celebrates 200 years. Since Rugby School pupil William Webb Ellis was credited with inventing the game of rugby football by presenting

“a fine disregard for the rules”

in catching the ball and running with it in 1823.

France aims to be a positive impact rivalry. Setting new standards in social responsibility, and inclusion. and sustainable development for a major worldwide sporting event. Four strong commitments have been made: to act for a maintainable and circular economy. To commit to education, training, and employment, to limit the impact on the environment, and to support presence and accessibility. 

World Cup will be a prize event for rugby, with 20 teams competing. Forty-eight competitions will be played over 51 days. 


Created in 1993, now a subsidiary of the St-Gobain group. The France Pare-Brise net has more than 450 centers throughout France. Achieved by 190 independent business owners. And more than 1,000 employees committed to serving their clientele.

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France Rugby World Cup

France Rugby World Cup: CEO Claude Atcher deferred

Claude Atcher, chief managerial of the Organising Committee for the 2023 France Rugby World Cup. Has been suspended next to a preliminary investigation into his workplace behavior. L’Équipe had reported in June that the 66-year-old supervised a ‘climate of terror’ at Groupement internet Public (GIP), with employs sorrow panic attacks, burn-out, as well as verbal abuse. The paper also alleged that Atcher had run up bills of tens of thousands of euros by collation minicabs for his individual use.

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CEO Claude Atcher deferred
CEO Claude Atcher deferred.

Atcher has been deprived of financial impropriety and bullying. The accusations prompted an investigation, which also uncovered potential dishonesty, as well as supporting claims Atcher had ruled by fear and did not properly adhere to financial rules. Atcher’s delay has been supported by World Rugby, the global leading body for rugby union. Julien Collette, Atcher’s assistant. Has been installed as a temporary replacement.

The French sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera said that the management had to act quickly after an official report identified alarming managerial practices and infringements of financial probity within the Organising committee. She added that Atcher would face a punitive procedure that could lead to his dismissal.

France Rugby World Cup

Oudéa-Castera continued:

“The report recognized problems of infringements of economic and financial probity and confirmed a deep social malaise [within France 2023 Public Interest Group], an acute crisis of confidence, the suffering of staff and therefore psychological and communal risks.”

A second report by France’s Inspectorate of Work, which would determine whether the executive practices amounted to a criminal offense, has been neat.

World Rugby was deeply worried by the allegations made through the French media, said a statement World Rugby. The wellbeing of the rugby family is supreme and central to the values of unity, inclusivity, and fun that typify Rugby World Cup, the sport’s ultimate celebration of togetherness.

France Rugby World Cup Team
France Rugby World Cup Team.

While noting that the final review report is undecided. World Rugby’s immediate priority is to continue to provide. Its full support and assistance to the France 2023 Organising Committee to a spouse in the delivery of what is potential to be an excellent Rugby World Cup in France.

The growth comes ahead of Atcher and Bernard Laporte, president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR), standing trial in a separate dishonesty case. Laporte, who is also the vice-chairman of World Rugby, faces six different charges in the trial connecting to his dealings with Mohed Altrad, who owns French club Montpellier and whose business sponsors the French national team.

Laporte is accused of ‘corruption by a person emotional with a public service mission, influence peddling. Breach of trust to the disadvantage of the FFR, illegal taking of interests. Altrad is on trial for various financial charges, including active bribery of a person emotional with a public service mission’. Atcher, FFR vice leader Gilles Simon and Benoît Rover, a subordinate of Atcher’s, are also on trial. All five deny the numerous charges. The trial is owing to begin on 7th September.

One year to go pending the Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off in France

The countdown to the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, which thrills off on 8 September next year, is well and truly underway. The tenth staging of the men’s world finals, precisely one year away, promises to be a record wave and will take the game to new heights. While eyes will be on the famous Stade De France for the opening rite, as well as the final, the tournament will take fans crossways eight other beautiful sites, from the Stade Pierre-Mauroy in Villeneuve-d’Arcy to the Stade Velodrome in the southern city of Marseille. To Know more about France Vs New Zealand Tickets click here.

England fans itinerant over for their opening fixture against Argentina will be able to experience the beautiful Stade Vélodrome. Based in Marseille, it is one of the most famous in French sport and home to the French football giants Olympique Marseille. The venue has become a special entity for the city’s population. And is not only known for generating one of the loudest surroundings in France but in the whole of Europe.

One year to go pending the Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off in France
One year to go pending the Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off in France.

Furthermore, the Allianz Riviera in Nice will host England’s another fixture against Japan, in what will be one of the most random fixtures of the group stages. Despite being less than 10 years old, the stadium already flaunts a rich history. As it has before hosted UEFA Euro 2016, and the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

For England’s fittings against Chile and Samoa, fans will explore the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, located in the picturesque suburb of Lille. Villeneuve. Away from the imposing 50,000-seater stadium. Lille is one of France’s best-kept secrets with its unique architectural style and captivating city attractions.

France Rugby World Cup: France are the favorites but All Blacks are still in the mix rendering Jerome Kaino

Former New Zealand star Jerome Kaino trusts that France will be the team to beat when they host the Rugby World Cup next year. The back-row received 81 caps for the All Blacks. And was a key part of consecutive World Cup triumphs in 2011 and 2015.

Kaino played the last part of his career in France, however, helping Toulouse to rise from the doldrums. And become both domestic and European champions. He superannuated in 2021. But has seen firsthand how the French national team has been revitalized under Fabien Gauthier. They demanded their first Six Nations Grand Slam since 2010 previous. This year and dominated Ian Foster’s men during their international clash in November 2021.

Home advantage

Les Bleus are pets in my eyes, Kaino told Midi Olympique. Through the rugby, they play, the confidence they have stored away with their recent achievements. And the fact that the competition is taking place on home soil. The French groups have a great capacity to carry their team. Kaino has also seen how the Toulouse youngsters have industrialized into world-class players. Including half-back duo Antoine Dupont and Romain Ntamack.

All Blacks are still in the mix rendering Jerome Kaino
All Blacks are still in the mix rendering Jerome Kaino.

Antoine Dupont is incredible. I admire his calmness under pressure. It’s the same for Romain Ntamack. They are so serene, he said. Whether it’s a Top 14 final or a casual meeting, they have the same approach. And they are very professional. Each week, they seek to progress. By next year, New Zealand will hope to be in a location to challenge the French at the Rugby World Cup as they go head-to-head in the pool phases.

The All Blacks have endured a difficult year but Kaino isn’t concerned by their recent subjects. The current results are not in our values. But I am not worried about all that. I know the talent of the players, he said. Know Ian Foster, too. I played for a long time below him and I know he is a very good technician. Sam Cane, too, is a very good skipper.

Foster’s retention

Kaino said he was very happy to see Foster retained as a head trainer through to the World Cup. And believes their fights could prove beneficial in the long run. The players must be disappointed. But I know they will find solutions to recoil back. The retro is tough for the fans but I think the Blacks will come out stronger, he added. Maybe even for the World Cup.

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