After an initial examination into his professional behavior, Claude Atcher, director of the Rugby World Cup organizing committee for 2023, has been placed on administrative leave. The 66-year-old, according to L’Équipe’s story from June, observed an “environment of horror” at Groupement internet Public (GIP), where staff members experienced verbal abuse, panic attacks, and fatigue. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

The article further stated that Atcher had ordered small taxis for personal usage to pay expenses totaling tens of thousands of euros.

Bullying and improper money dealing are denied by Atcher. The accusations spurred an investigation that also showed potential wrongdoing and reinforced the assertion that Atcher behaved carelessly and out of fear of his actions.

The world rugby league’s governing body, World Rugby, approved Atcher’s punishment. Julien Collette, Atcher’s deputy, has been brought in as a temporary substitute.

Amelie Oudea-Castera, France’s minister of sports urged the government to “act swiftly” in response to a formal assessment that cited “concerning management practices” and “violations of financial integrity” inside the organizing committee. She also said that Atcher will be subject to disciplinary action, which could result in his firing.

Oudea-Castera continued: “The report identifies violations of economic and financial integrity and confirms the serious social problems [within France’s 2023 public interest group], a serious crisis of confidence, suffering for workers, and psychological and social risks.”

To assess if the management behavior constitutes a criminal offense, the French Labor Inspectorate has requested the publication of a second report.

“World Rugby is deeply concerned about the allegations made through the French media,” World Rugby said in a statement. “The well-being of the Rugby family is paramount and is at the heart of the values of unity, inclusion, and fun that epitomize the Rugby World Cup, the ultimate celebration of unity in sport.”

“While the final assessment report has not yet been completed, it is imperative for World Rugby to continue to provide full support and assistance to the France 2023 Organizing Committee in working together to host a special Rugby World Cup in France.”

The event foreshadows the presidents of the French Football Federation (FFR), Atcher and Bernard Laporte, who will stand trial in a separate corruption case. Regarding his interactions with Mohed Altrad, the owner of the French club Montpellier and the firm that sponsors the French national team, Laporte, who also serves as the vice president of world rugby, is accused of six different offenses.

 Laporte was charged with “corruption, peddling of influence, breach of trust to undermine the FFR, and unlawful gain by persons accused of carrying out public service assignments.”

Altrad faces several financial charges, including “active bribes from individuals accused of carrying out public service assignments”.

Atcher, FFR vice president Gilles Simon, and Atcher partner Benoit Rover are also on trial. All five have denied various allegations. The trial begins on September 7.

Match schedule final qualification for Rugby World Cup 2023 confirmed

The calendar for the final qualifiers, which will choose the 20th and final qualifier for the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023, was released by World Rugby today.

Three RWC 2023 final qualifiers will take place at Dubai’s Sevens Stadium from November 6–18, featuring four teams from four different continents. In a round-robin system, Hong Kong, Kenya, Portugal, and the United States will compete, with the team earning the most points in 2023 receiving France’s final berth.

The match schedule for the championship tournament has been chosen based on the World Rugby Men’s Ranking, produced by Capgemini as of July 31, 2022. The United States (19th) competes against Kenya (33rd) on the first day, and Portugal (20th) competes against Hong Kong (22nd). The two top-ranked teams from the United States and Portugal will battle on the third and final day of play to complete qualifying for the Rugby World Cup in 2019.

The ultimate champion and last team to take part in the Rugby World Cup journey in 2023 will play alongside Wales, Australia, Fiji, and Georgia in Pool C. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Current Bookie’s favorite to win the Rugby World Cup 2023

Are you a huge rugby fan? If you said “yes,” we can guarantee that you won’t be able to wait long for the World Cup. Some of the top rugby teams in the world will get the chance to prove their worth in 2023.

Sports analytics typically demonstrate that neither club has a significant advantage over the other. Given the tremendous level of motivation across all players, we must concur. Miracles are always possible in this situation.

The caliber of each team, however, varies greatly in actuality. Online bookies have compiled a list of odds since they are aware of this. People will then be able to determine who has the highest chance of taking home the most valuable award (according to many players).

Overview of online betting options

We are confident that you will want to understand more about betting alternatives before we continue. Well, believe it or not, you can still place a wager on who will win this match. You can locate them at several online bookmakers because they already exist. The best odds should be in front of you, though.

Learn more about one of the betting sites where you may bet and ensure you have favorable betting terms at Isn’t this a fun way to kill time till the World Cup begins?

France: The Largest Favorite (2/1 odds)

France was once the location of one of the most bizarre rugby scenes in history. However, this is no longer the only factor contributing to French rugby’s global popularity, both online and offline. Bookmakers predict that France will have the best chance of winning the 2023 World Cup.

Some of the top players in the world, such as Gregory Alldritt, Romain Ntamack, Antoine Dupont, and others, play for their national team. The fact that all of these players lack experience is the sole reason they might blow this chance. For the unaware, the majority are 25 years of age or younger. However, they have until the next year to learn from their mistakes and get the required experience.

The Second favorite: England (Odds 6/1)

There has long been a rivalry between England and France (not just in rugby). These two national teams appear to have the best chances of taking home the most significant trophy. Eddie Jones, in general, is the reason why bookmakers give England a good chance.

The biggest objective of his so-called New England plan is to win the World Cup in 2023. But he has other objectives besides winning titles. To make rugby more open, he intended to alter the game’s style. This makes sense because it will increase interest in the game, which will increase rugby’s appeal in the nation.

Ireland: why not? (Odds 8/1)

Who said Ireland had no chance of reaching and winning the World Cup final? At least that’s what the bookmakers say! Our beautiful country is third with 8/1 odds. is the best website for all sports and Rugby World Cup Tickets.