Eddie Jones could keep his job as England’s head coach if he wins the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023, according to Dean Richards, who does not believe that a successor must be English. Rugby Fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

Eddie Jones appears to be destined to remain England's head coach until after the Rugby World Cup 2023
Eddie Jones appears to be destined to remain England’s head coach until after the Rugby World Cup 2023

“We believe we’ve got such a wealth of English coaches in the game,” Bill Sweeney, the Rugby Football Union’s chief executive, has declared. We should be creating English coaches and an English style of play as a great rugby nation. As far as I’m concerned, that should be long-term, therefore having an English set-up would be preferable.”

Richards, who has 48 England caps and unequaled Premiership experience as a director of rugby, has a different perspective and feels that an English victory at the Rugby World Cup will erase the memories of Jones’ two consecutive bad Six Nations finishes.

“Ultimately, the road to the RWC 2023 quarter- and semi-finals (for England) appears quite clear at the moment, and if you are within two matches of winning a Rugby World Cup, everything will be forgotten,” he stated. Eddie might decide to stay, and they might want him to.”

Richards wants the option to be open to all applicants if Sweeney and the panel hearing Jones’ case decide he should step down after the RWC in France. He went on to say, “It has to be the best suitable coach to win us a Rugby World Cup as simple as that.” “It doesn’t have to be English, but they must have a basic grasp of the English culture and mindset in order to get the most out of the English” (players).

It provides a clear path to understanding what it takes to become a global player. There are several applicants, many of them are English speakers, as well as some foreigners. I don’t believe they must have worked on a global scale, but there must be an understanding of their skills and whether they meet the requirements you’ve set.

Andy Farrell, Rob Baxter, Richard Cockerill, and Alex Sanderson among the candidates
Andy Farrell, Rob Baxter, Richard Cockerill, and Alex Sanderson among the candidates

It can be tough to judge a person’s ability simply by observing them work alongside an international head coach at times. Because rugby is unlike any other sport, the advantages you earn from being a director of rugby or a head coach in the Premiership are enormous.

However, because the Premiership and international levels are so different, you must determine whether the talents and flaws you develop in the Premiership will be useful at the international level. It’s about the parameters they set and if they believe there are those who would fit the description who have already worked in international rugby and those who haven’t.

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