This is your captain talking. Welcome onboard IRFU airlines, Flight RWC 2023. After take-off, I will drag this old crate up to an elevation high enough for you to look down upon the Irish arrangements for the next France Rugby World Cup 2023. Rugby Fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

Welcome onboard IRFU airlines, Flight RWC 2023

As this flight is directing the spirit of the original Rugby World Cup in 1987, the accountable facility of alcohol has been postponed, smoking is permitted, the toilets are free for all, and the IRFU are footing the bill. This news is greeted with wild cheers from the Irish followers in the cabin.

So be ready for a preview of Ireland’s preparations for the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France as we rise above the weekly trivia, such as whether an Australian or a Kiwi should play on the left flank for Ireland.

The captain returns over the intercom after a while, through the shroud of cigarette smoke and the barroom-like murmur in the cabin. You can see Rugby World Cup 2023 looming enormous on the horizon if you look out your portside window. ‘Wow, that’s a lot closer than I realized,’ I can hear you remark. That is, after all, a typical Irish response. Ireland will play their first Rugby World Cup encounter in Bordeaux on September 9th of next year.

As the cabin party shifts gears, the captain continues.

As we gain altitude, you may notice that Ireland only has about 16 matches remaining before their first encounter in Bordeaux. That is a small number. Ireland’s decisive group encounter against South Africa, two weeks later in Paris, is in full view out the starboard window, that’s the right side for all you non-aeronautical muppets. This match might determine whether Ireland is eliminated in the quarter-finals for the 10th time in a row.

Attacking plan

As we consider that truth – and believe me, I feel your anguish – we can see some of Ireland’s major issues for the coming year. On the plus side, we can all see that Ireland has made a lot of great changes. There is an intriguing new offensive approach, an excellent selection policy, and a fantastic reimagining of the team’s kicking strategy.

So be ready for a preview of Ireland’s preparations for the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France

A huge cheer reverberates throughout the cabin at this point. The now well-lubricated Irish supporters spontaneously began to sing, to the tune of Guantanamera. Hearing the singing through the cockpit security door emboldens the captain, who is sipping his gin and tonic.

The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining, as President John F Kennedy once said. The well-intentioned captain had lost the interest of every single passenger at this moment. Despite this, the skipper is warming to his subject, gin in hand. Now that the sun is shining on Irish rugby, it’s time to address the country’s long-standing problem of player depth in critical positions. Outhalf and fullback have particularly tight head props.

Tadgh Furlong is hurt in the week

What happens if Tadgh Furlong is hurt in the week leading up to the pivotal pool match against South Africa, he speculates? The captain is only half-heard by an old prop sitting in seat 46 F, deep in greater number four, who leaps to his feet yelling. Isn’t he the one who said Furlong was hurt? We’re condemned to fail. The Italians will kill us if we don’t have Furlong. That kid is capable of anything.

I’m sure he’s the one who drives the team bus down Lansdowne Road. The aging prop almost regains his seat with a lot of shoulder patting and comforting remarks before finding a second wind. We’re going to need that Furlong kid. I’m hoping he improves quickly because he plays similarly to me. There was a lot of passing and running going on. His former comrades roll their eyes at their grizzled pal, whose rugby career consisted of falling over while walking from scrum to scrum.

The captain continues to teach to a half-empty lecture audience like an economics professor. On their matchday 23, South Africa has two massive, highly skilled front rows. Their tactics, which have helped them win three World Cups, are not going to change. The Springboks will go with a massive scrimmaging and mauling pack, six forwards on the bench, and a high-quality goal kicker, and that’ll be the end of it.

Bad memory of

Remember how the South African scrum destroyed the English props in the RWC 2019 final? A guilty chill ran down the spine of the old prop in 46 F. The only time in his life he felt sorry for an English front row was during the Rugby World Cup final. It was an awful recollection.

Remember how the South African scrum destroyed the English props in the RWC 2019 final

Finlay Bealham has performed admirably off the bench, but his two starts as a tight head since 2016 have come against Canada, Japan, and the United States. Tim O’Toole, who has only two caps against Japan and the United States, is the third player on the list. South Africa will eat both of these tight heads unless they get some playing time against tier-one sides.

Card games are now being played by passengers throughout the cabin

Joey Carbery was brave against France, the captain remarked. But how can anyone expect him to succeed Johnny Sexton, the GOAT? Joey’s two other starts against tier-one nations came against Australia in 2017 and Argentina in November of last year. Joey needs to start a lot more games against top clubs. If he is to be Joey’s backup, so does Jack Carty. Do you recall New Zealand in 2011? With outhalf number three, the Kiwis won the final.

The majority of the cabin is either sound asleep or watching Game of Thrones reruns, attempting to figure out why a clever guy like Eddard Stark, Lord of Winter, had no serious succession plan in place before his melon was lopped off. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

The pilot’s rant reaches a fever pitch as he sips his third gin and tonic. Please respond to this question. He yelled so loudly that he startled a flight attendant sleeping in a locked toilet. Who the hell is Hugo Keenan’s backup? Mike Lowry is a talented young player who has yet to receive a cap. There’s no need to play! Consider what would happen if Keenan were to leave.

It’s a pittance to make a few changes for the Italy match. Italy is ranked 14th in the world. Our Rugby World Cup 2023 could be jeopardized if all of our important backup players do not get match time against tier one nations.

Backup players

The co-pilot quietly turned off his boss’s microphone at this point. He was well aware that no one was paying attention. The Irish passengers on Flight RWC 2023 were far too focused on defeating Italy tomorrow, then the old foe at Twickenham, and finally the Scots at home. Nobody is thinking of giving playing time to crucial reserve players in any of the three matches because, God forbid, Ireland might lose one. No one seems to care about preparation for the next Rugby World Cup.

Ireland will play their first Rugby World Cup encounter in Bordeaux on September 9th of next year

That is unless you count France, which has been organizing the France Rugby World Cup for over seven years. Last summer, Fabien Galthié sent his second and third-choice teams to Australia to gain valuable match experience. New Zealanders are meticulous planners. At 3, 10, and 15, look at their depth chart.

The Springboks and Wallabies, as well as Eddie Jones and England, are hooked on the Rugby World Cup cycle, but no one else is actually planning for the RWC in France in 2023, are they? With his chin resting on his breast, the pilot of Flight RWC 2023 is now sound asleep. The co-pilot whispers over the microphone, trying not to wake his boss: Passengers, please finish your drinks and cigarettes.

Tray tables should be clipped in place, seats should be upright, and seat belts should be fastened. The toilets have been locked, as have the opportunity to give players important gaming time. We’ll be landing in the reality of RWC 2023 very soon, far sooner than you all anticipated. is the best website for all sports and RWC 2023 tickets. The Rugby World Cup fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website at exclusively discountable prices.