While the best teams will feel like they’re repeating history at the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. Thanks to the eerily same pools chosen two years ago. There will be some significant changes to the competition next year. Rugby Fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.

While the best teams will feel like they’re repeating history at the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France

New Zealand and Italy were drawn together for the second tournament in a row. As did Ireland and Scotland, and Australia. Wales, and Fiji. In the live draw held at the end of 2020.

As a result, early in the piece, some of the RWC freshness was removed from the competition. Many fans prefer to see new fixtures rather than repeating old ones. However, further down the table. With the developing test nations. The competition will be extremely different.

After losses to the United States and Chile last year. Canada has already missed out on qualifying for the RWC 2023 event. Canada has been a constant presence in rugby’s showpiece event since its inception in 1987. Appearing in every tournament since then.

After losing to Uruguay in last year’s qualifying. The United States must now beat Chile in July. Or risk missing out on France Rugby World Cup 2023. The United States has only missed one tournament in its history. When only 16 teams traveled to South Africa for the 1995 tournament.

Meanwhile, Russia’s ambitions of winning. The Rugby Europe Championship for the third time in a row was dealt a major setback over the weekend. After both Romania and Spain were deducted significant points. Throughout the qualification process for fielding. Ineligible players Russia was a bit of a surprise participant in the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Russia qualified ahead of Romania

Despite being in second place, Russia qualified ahead of Romania and Spain. The third-highest performer in Europe’s qualifying events for the 2019 tournament. Russia will almost probably miss out on qualifying for the RWC 2023 if no similar controversies arise during the current qualifications.

Russia would need to place third on the overall Europe qualification ladder to at least qualify for the final qualifying tournament. However, they are now fifth with 10 points, behind Georgia (31 points). Romania (22 points), Spain (21), and Portugal (21). (16).

After losing to Uruguay in last year’s qualifying, the United States must now beat Chile in July

Despite the fact that there are still three games left. Russia would have to achieve the unfathomable and beat both Georgia and Portugal (along with a massive win over the Netherlands). To even have a chance of staying in contention.

While the task isn’t as daunting for Portugal. Who competed in their first and last Rugby World Cup in 2007. Where they were drawn into a pool with the All Blacks and France. It’s becoming increasingly likely that Georgia and one of Romania or Spain will take the automatic qualifier spots. With the third-ranked team set to compete in the final qualifying tournament.

Until the catastrophe of 2019. Romania had never lost out on Rugby World Cup qualifying. Whereas Georgia had been a fixture at the tournament since 2003. Romania has only participated in one event, in 1999.

In keeping with the Six Nations. The final three rounds of this year’s Rugby Europe Championship (and hence the final three rounds of European qualifying tournaments). Will be held on the weekends of February 26. March 12, and March 19.

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