Tickets are discounted for the UEFA Super Cup meeting among Bayern and Sevilla that will happen in Budapest on Thursday 24 September. UEFA Super Cup fans can book UEFA Super Cup Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

UEFA Champions League victors Bayern and UEFA Europa League champ Sevilla meet at the Puskas Arena in Budapest, Hungary on Thursday 24 September. The game commences at 21:00 CET.

UEFA Super Cup tickets on sale for the fans
UEFA Super Cup tickets on sale for the fans

The match will be played with a decreased limit of up to 30% of the arena and will fill in as a pilot to take fans back to arenas in the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstance. To guarantee the greatest conceivable security for fans, exacting cleanliness estimates will be set up and fans will be mentioned to act dependably and follow the measures consistently.

Conditions for Ticket Holders:

All ticket holders must:

  • Keep a separation of 1.5m from different onlookers.
  • Wear a veil consistently covering their nose and mouth inside the entire arena edge.
  • Wash and sanitize their hands at whatever point conceivable.
  • Go through an internal heat level mind passage to the arena (fans with a temperature of 37.8°C or above won’t be allowed to enter the arena).
  • Regard the seat numbers designated by UEFA which guarantee 1.5m separation between completely tagged seats (all tickets inside one request will be situated legitimately close to one another).
  • Not possess some other seat, other than the one designated according to their ticket.
  • Must not go to the arena if they are experiencing any of the side effects related with COVID-19 (dry hack, fever, windedness, cerebral pain, sore throat, throbbing appendages, loss of feeling of smell or taste, sickness or regurgitating, blockage or runny nose, the runs, muscle or body hurts) that are not known to be from another reason. Ticket holders should likewise not join if they have tried positive for COVID-19 inside the most recent 14 days or on the off chance that they have been in contact with anybody in recent days who have tried positive for COVID-19. In such cases, UEFA will discount the assumed worth of the tickets.
UEFA Super Cup tickets | Bayern vs Sevilla Tickets on sale for the fans
UEFA Super Cup tickets on sale for the fans

Requirements for Entry:

To enter Hungary, ticket holders from abroad may go through a required clinical assessment during their entrance. They will likewise be needed to introduce their official match ticket and verification of a negative SARS-CoV19 PCR test (a Hungarian or English language archive, containing the aftereffects of the sub-atomic natural test).

This probably has been performed inside the three days before their entrance into Hungary. Ticket holders entering Hungary for the UEFA Super Cup are obliged to leave the domain of Hungary inside 72 hours after their entrance. Super Cup fans can book Bayern vs Sevilla Tickets on our website on exclusively discounted prices.

With regards to the ongoing UEFA ‘Thank You’ crusade, UEFA will be welcoming 500 key Hungarian wellbeing laborers to go to the match as a sign of acknowledgment for their authentic work, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

UEFA Super Cup tickets | Bayern vs Sevilla Tickets on sale for the fans
UEFA Super Cup tickets on sale for the fans

Classification 1 tickets are halfway situated, classification 2 tickets are basically in the corners, and classification 3 tickets are situated behind the objectives. Open tickets are accessible at the classification 3 cost and permit one ally to enter for nothing.

On the off chance that the quantity of ticket candidates surpasses the number of accessible tickets, an irregular draw will be led. The number of accessible tickets might be balanced by the most recent choices from the neighborhood specialists. There are 3,000 tickets accessible for the supporters of every one of the partaking club. is offering Super Cup Tickets so Super Cup fans can get tickets through our trusted online ticketing market place.